Iowa Supreme Court Justices: We Did The Right Thing, Move On

Like plenty of on lookers, I find it sort of appalling that Iowa’s Supreme Court justices must whore themselves out to voters to re-up for additional terms, but that’s how they do things in the State Of Gay Marriage. So while they must fend off attacks from NOM (and others, about how their same-sex marriage decision is going to bring incest to the state), they must parade around like political candidates before the editorial boards of newspapers. Like Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and Justice David Baker did yesterday before the Cedar Rapids Gazette, defending their decision not to return the marriage case back to the legislature, because while “the legislature is free to amend the constitution,” it is the court’s job to decide whether those laws are constitutional. The constitution is the “supreme law of the land,” and groups like Iowa for Freedom are trying to circumvent it.