Iowa To Take Up Gender-Neutral Marriage Bill

mattmccoyMatt McCoy, an openly gay senator in Iowa is introducing a marriage bill that would make marriage a gender-neural affair in the recently-blue Midwest state. It’s worded pretty innocently, increasing odds of the bill passing and McCoy brings up the fact that gay marriage would be a boost to the state’s economy. Now, we’re not going to take any joy in the country’s dwindling economy, but if there’s no atheists in foxholes, we’re curious to see how many biggots there are in recessions.

Pink News UK writes:

“The bill would remove words such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from the state’s laws, replacing them with ‘spouse’.

The legislation means that if the Iowa Supreme Court was to rule that the state’s Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, same-sex marriage would be legal in Iowa and the language in laws would have to reflect that.

In an interview with Radio Iowa’s O Kay Henderson, McCoy said: “I think it’s a good bill and it’s something that shouldn’t be controversial. We should just be thinking about how this is all going to work once Iowa becomes a Mecca for gay marriage.”

In answer to the question of whether the state will become a Mecca for gay marriage, McCoy commented: “I think it’d be good for the economy.”