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Iowa’s Gay Marriage Law: Voters Show It’s Not a Sure Thing

Even though no state had voters weighing in on a same-sex marriage ballot issue in yesterday’s elections, the fine people of Iowa — which became the third state to legalize it last year — still got a chance to weigh in on the issue. And boy did they, ousting State Supreme Court justices David Baker, Michael Streit, and Marsha Ternus, whose support of the measure was their downfall.

Thanks to the lovely efforts of the American Family Association, Family Research Council, Alliance Defense Fund, Faith & Freedom Coalition, and the National Organization for Marriage, Iowa’s justices now live in actual fear of having their bench seats revoked if they piss off the will of the people

[Mike] Gronstal, the Democratic leader in the state Senate, has repeatedly vowed to never allow a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage to come up for a vote. But with Republicans in control of the Iowa House, and a much smaller Democratic advantage in the state Senate, marriage may become a big issue during the 2011 session. During the 2010 session, advocates for an amendment came just five votes shy of forcing a vote on marriage over Gronstal’s objections.

And thank goodness we now have all this out-of-state money flowing into Iowa to decide the matter, because surely the Washington D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign can save us!