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    The repugnaticans are so damm pathetic. Iowa has had legal Gay marriage for over a year. The state has not spontaniously imploded, there have not been bolts of lightning thrown down from the almighty, there have been no plauges of locusts.
    Give it a break already stop acting like little bratty children who didn’t get their way………………

  • Jon

    Thank you again GOP by wanting to apply your version of the Bible to my life. Too bad I can’t apply the part that says I get to kill your non-virgin wifes. Wouldn’t that hold up in a conservative court since the Bible which “our country was founded on” says it?

  • Lamar

    Unless it can be proven that having gay marriages in Iowa has directly lead to significant detrimental effects in the state leave it be.

  • PopSnap

    I say that if it does come to a vote, we don’t even waste our time on fighting them and spend our money & efforts on the Perry v. Schwazzeneger case.

    We can’t send people the message that it is OK to vote on the rights of a minority. In fact, if it does come to a vote, I implore the LGBT community & allies in Iowa to stage a protest of the entire voting process and stay at home in November.

  • jeffree

    People in many southern states would have LOVED to have the issue of interracial marriage put to a popular vote, back in the day, I’m sure.

    The idea of using such a tactic to REMOVE rights already granted is morally repugnant [my new fave expression, plus it means I sound less like a hick !)

    If it’s true that a majority of Iowans support SSM [better said, they don’t dissapprove of it], then it all boils down 2 who gets the vote out.

    Think about what happened in Maine: the ANTI SSM people were better mobilized than the PRO people. You better believe that the church-goin’ folks would get themselves to the polls….

    Prop 8 looms large.


    @jeffree: 100% Co-Sign J. If the civil rights measures approved were put to a vote in the deep South back in the 60’s, I am fairly certain the hood making, noose looping, and cross buring construction classes would be suspended for a day to allow those haters to vote down any equality measures. And the measures would never have passed in many states……

    We are constantly relagated to the red headed step child status, moves that would never be tolerated for any other group are routinely pinned on our backs…………..

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