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Iowa’s Incoming Gov. Terry Branstad Won’t Support Nor Disavow Impeachment Of Supreme Court Justices

Terry Branstad, Iowa’s soon to be new Republican governor (having ousted Democratic incumbent Chet Culver), doesn’t want any role in the silly on-going effort to oust the remaining Iowa Supreme Court justices who unanimously voted to approve same-sex marriage. That’s a notable position to take, given Branstad will lead the first statewide GOP caucus for the 2012 presidential race.

“This is a separate branch of government and I’ve got enough on my plate not to get into that one,” says Branstad. “So I don’t intend to comment on it.” It would be the state legislature’s “job,” if you will, to impeach the sitting justices, and some of them plan to attempt it. So while Branstad says he wants voters to agree on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, which would overturn the court’s ruling, he’s not willing to wade into the waters of so-called judicial activism.

That won’t keep me from calling the guy a schmuck.

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