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Iowa’s New Gov. Terry Branstad Goes From Not Commenting On To Not Supporting Ouster Of Justices

Just before the New Year, Iowa’s Republican governor-elect Terry Branstad, who takes office Jan. 14, told reporters he had “enough on my plate not to get into” whether the state’s Supreme Court justices should be removed for voting in favor of same-sex marriage. Given that it was a “separate branch of government,” Branstad remarked, “I don’t intend to comment on it.” Well that quickly changed. Now, says Branstad, “I don’t think that impeachment is the appropriate remedy.” So even though he agrees with Republican lawmakers that the justices “over-reached” in legalizing gay marriage, “The Constitution says what the grounds for impeachment are. My reading is it’s not there. There’s a difference between malfeasance and over-reaching, I think. I really think that if people look at the Constitution, I think the remedy is that when they come up for retention that people have a chance to vote them out. I think that’s the appropriate remedy. I don’t think that impeachment is the appropriate remedy.” So there.

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  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)

    Nice guy.

    1,2,3 waiting for all those right-wing Queerty commentators who were so smug and pleased that they voted for the republicans in November. Well done you!

    And to the cries, again, of ‘the dems are soo eeevil and obama is the WORST president in American history’, I ask your simple, irrational and short-sighted minds this, can you please name with links if possible of a progressive group a la NOM, who has systematically with the support of the Democrats worked to tale away your rights? Please. I’m genuinely curious because I think I live in a parallel universe to some of you, so I’m trying to find reason in your actions of saying the republicans are just like the democrats, so why vote Democrats, let’s vote for the Repubs.

    If we insanely go by your false and in factual arguments that the Democrats have done nothing for gays-no Matthew Shepard bill, Pride month etc NOTHING-and this equals to what the GOP have done.

    Then the two start on the same foot. So based on starting on the same platform, can I get examples of cases where the Democrats have systematically, as well as vocally done things to deny gays their rights. I’m not asking for your truths, I.e DADT was so wrong but was it better before? The point was that it was done to be BETTER then before.

    Again, if these two parties are one in the same, why is it when Mancini the only Democrat who obv didn’t want to vote for repeal of DADT, not only sat it out but also went further to make exscuses for his bigotry? Because well, erm, being a democrat is about fighting for equal rights for all.

    Now when has the Republican ever voted against any gay legislation and done the above?

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