firm ground

Iowa’s Senate Leader Mike Gronstal Will Rebuff Even Democratic Attempts to Put Marriage To A Vote

Iowa’s Democratic State Sen. Mike Gronstal, the only man standing between keeping same-sex marriage and a Republican attempt to let voters strike it down, was re-elected majority leader yesterday without challenge — and recommitted to keeping marriage equality from coming up for a vote. “As long as I’m leader I do not intend to take that up for debate. Is there any way that I’ve been unclear about this?” Nope! Not that Gronstal isn’t facing pressure from his own Democratic colleagues.

Sen. Jack Kibbie, re-elected Senate president, is among the Dems who think voters should get a chance to have a say on marriage. If the State House passes a marriage amendment bill, he says Senate leaders will take a look.

Gronstal remains firm: ““I know you want specifics. I want to have a conversation with the Republicans. I don’t want to negotiate through the media as to what we may or may not be able to do.”

I have this weird feeling in my stomach, seeing a politician firmly stick to his guns on issues of equality. Anyone else?