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  • Red Meat

    Rape is rape, but public hangings is just as terrible no matter who it is and what they did. We have to care about the human body and not treat it like a peace of meat which is ironic in this situation since that is what they were hanged for.

    Plus, I have some doubts that indeed this is really about rape. Corrupted and homophobic countries like Iran are capable of blaming or inventing these types of lies to prosecute whoever they want.

    I know a gay Iranian who fled his country at the age of 18 because he was accused of having sex in public. He told me that it was all a lie because 1) he was a virgin (even still when he told me this in the U.S – lol he told me this too) and 2) his cousin had just found out he was gay. So you can guess the rest. He is still a good friend of mine so of course I believe him.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    Savages. Nothing more or less. Like those wacko Christians in Africa and the USA.

    Human beings are so disappointing.

  • TommyOC

    @Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England): Seriously? You’re gonna group Americans in this?

    I abhor our wackos as much as anybody, but the difference between them and those elsewhere (like in this article) is that they don’t have the LEGAL AUTHORITY TO HANG YOU!

    Stop being an ass.

  • John

    @Red Meat: If they truly were guilty of raping a minor I don’t have a problem with hanging them in public. Perhaps we should bring such executions back because making it so sanitary and ‘private’ doesn’t seem to have helped matters. Now were these 3 young men guilty of what they were accused of? I seriously doubt it because the mullahacracy has zero credibility IMO as they’ve made such false claims to cover executions of young men just for being gay.

  • John

    @Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England): I’ll take our wackos any day of the week over the Iranian nutjobs. Sure they make our lives more difficult in some areas but most do not advocate killing us and even those that do lack the power to implement such ideas in this country.

  • Ogre Magi

    I doubt they were guilty of rape. Islam is a shit religion!

  • Red Meat

    @John: I don’t see why the law of any country should allow killings and torture in the name of justice. If the law puts itself in the same level as the criminal than what message is it sending out? To fear death? and those who would justify it “by equal punishment,” its 2011 what a rustic excuse.

  • kayla

    Don’t believe anything these crazy theocrats say about anyone, they hang women who get raped….they’re liars!!!! In a society such as Iran, you just can’t take anything at face value…..ever!!

  • John

    @Red Meat: I disagree. I could care less about any claims of deterrence or even revenge. It’s about punishment and protecting society from folks who’ve lost all sense of right and wrong.

  • Who Cares?

    If the allegations are true then good for them. Rapists should be killed.

  • JM

    @kayla: Good point, and one nobody else has made. If it had been a woman these guys raped, it would be the lady swinging, not the rapists. The Iranians have no cares regarding sexual violence towards women and girls, but toss around the death sentence whenever an accusation of homosexual conduct, regardless if it is rape or consensual, is made. Oh, and if there was some poor boy who was raped after all, I hope he is doing OK these days.

  • Phoenix

    Whether they are guilty or not,is Public hangings really the best option?

  • Joseph

    Thou shalt not kill applies to all. Being a “government” doesn’t excuse it. No human has the night to take another humans life.

  • Devon

    Yeah I’m sure these guys were totes guilty of rape.

    I mean it’s not like oppressive, secretive, totalitarian regimes have a habit of making stuff up that can’t really be verified to make their country look better in the eyes of the international community or anything like that.

  • Tom

    I’ve always thought we should respect Islam and the idea that people can believe whatever they want to. I thought most people of Islam are peaceful and it’s just the extremists that give it a bad name. But this changes my opinion… I really forgot that their Islamic law justifies this sort of punishment and also homophobia. Is it racist/anti-free speech to say it should be stopped? I’m not sure…

  • kayla

    They use the forklifts for maximum suffering…the same reason they use small stones when stoning a person to death…The rope is placed around the neck while the person is standing on the ground and then the person is lifted off the ground to slowly strangle to death…A scaffold and trap door that immediately breaks the neck is just too humane for these people….

  • Spike

    I’m sure the God’s Hates Fags people would be in full support of similar public executions of gays if they ran the US Govt. and over saw the legal system.

  • Antonio

    Places like Iran are a shame to the human race. I am so sicken by this.

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