Too Young To Die, Old Enough To Know Better

Iran Spares Gay Teens Their Lives

The Iranian government’s got quite an anti-gay reputation. And for good reason: the execute gay people. By some miracle, however, at least one Iranian judge manifested a heart and spared two gay teens their lives.

Iranian-American attorney Lily Mazahery tells Michael Petrelis:

As legal experts continue the debate about the recent orders of two Tehran province judges, holding that the death sentence of a 15 year old boy, Nosrat, should be commuted because he had not reached the requisite mental maturity, in a separate ruling, the judges of Branch 74 of Tehran province’s general criminal court, used the same reasoning to commute the death sentences of 2 other teenagers today. Instead, the teenagers were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each.

The boys have been accused of sexually assaulting a twelve-year old. Now, we’re not about the death penalty, obviously, but obviously this kids need some sort of guidance. Whether they get what they need in prison remains to be seen. We’ve got a feeling they’ll come out more twisted, but that’s better than being dead.

If only the Iranian government would send them to Rosie’s theater camp.

That’ll straighten ’em out…