Iranian Gay Like Holocaust Fleeing Jews, Say Beck, Tatchell

What would Michael Lucas say!

Two prominent personalities – CNN’s Glenn Beck and activist Peter Tatchell – compared asylum seeking gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi’s plight to that of Nazi fleeing Jews. Watch Beck’s comments above and Tatchell’s after the jump.

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  • hiv365

    Nazi fleeing Jews? Poor Nazi. Or maybe that should read Nazi-fleeing Jews.

  • hells kitchen guy

    The only good thing to come out of this is seeing nitwits like this forced to defend gay rights: enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc.

  • todd

    I have a hard time believing Glenn Beck cares two wits about fleeing persecuted gays.

  • Jimy

    Hey Queerty…

    Wasn’t Hillary and Bill Clinton the ones who started the Nazi movement in the first place?
    I’ve heard Hillary is fucking Glenn Beck.

    Then, didn’t Obama walk on water to Anne Franks house to save the family but didn’t get there in time because Chelsea Clinton got in his way?

    If you are going to slant one story, you should slant them all.

  • faghag

    The political cartoon was not in the Netherlands, as a matter of fact , it was in Denmark.

  • Charley

    U.K. has given asylum in the past, the latest being the lesbian.
    If you have ever been to beauracratic Britian, you know your papers must be in stamping order, or the Queen’s gestapo will interrogate you and send you away. It’s up to the civil servant on duty. Elizabeth, she’s another looney who never mentions homosexuality or the word gay. Still living in the world of Oscar Wilde. Not those words in “polite society”, dear.

  • David Pietrandrea

    I’m no fan of Glen Beck but am a little shocked by the reaction of some people to this story. If nothing else he’s helped to bring this teenager’s plight to the mainstream and, via his guest, has actually given us the means to contact someone about our concerns. Maybe instead of bickering of minutia in the comments section we should be writing to the UK Parliament…

    [email protected]

  • Bitch Republic

    Jimy, that was hilarious! :) But sadly true. :(

  • Dave

    I agree with Beck and his guest. We in the west need to wake up to the fact that not only is there radical Christianity but much worse is Islamic Fundamentalism. You and I would be beheaded in this type of society!

  • OpposingViewpoints

    @ No. 7 · David Pietrandrea

    David, You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Why in the world are people leaving comments here which ridicule a person who is using his mainstream media power to offer much needed assistance? For crying out loud, who cares what his ulterior motives are!

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