Safe Houses Close Doors

Iraqi Gays Forced Onto Streets

It’s a sad day for gay Iraqis. Two of the nation’s five homo safe houses have been forced to shutter themselves for lack of funds. The houses were organized by gay group Iraqi LGBT, whose president Ali Hili had some harsh words for the apathetic international community:

Over 30 gay residents who we cared for in these three safe houses now have to take their chances in a country where religious militia regularly seek out gays and execute them.

We feel deserted by the international gay community. Few people seem to care about our fate.

A 29-year old lesbian named Sarah had a similar message: “The world has let us down so badly.” It’s not too late to help rectify the situation – you can still donate to Iraqi LGBT, which holds the US-led invasion responsible for their country’s blood turmoil.

If you want to put a human face to this potentially abstract problem, check out this mini-doc, Queer Fear: Gay Life, Gay Death in Iraq.

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