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Iraq’s Gay Ransom Kidnapping … Will Serbia’s Pride Get Violent? … Transgender at Age 12

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• Iraq’s anti-gay militias will glue your anus shut, cut off you genitals, and leave you for dead. But sometimes they’re just in it for the ransom money.

• On the eve of Belgrade’s Pride Parade in Serbia, organizers are hoping the Serbian Orthodox Church, despite opposing the celebration, will call on their followers to treat attendees with respect, not violence. Meanwhile, President Boris Tadi? says he won’t tolerate any violence, and will have plenty of police on hand.

• Are you into the genitalia of aging criminal billionaires? Get excited!

• NYC’s hipster gay party Mr. Black heads to Los Angeles … and there are exposed asses all around.

• A 12-year-old British boy returns to school after summer holiday … as a girl. You can imagine how friendly her welcome was.


• If anti-gay religious conservatives can quote the Bible to argue against gay marriage, then so can we:

Bangable conservative Rep. Aaron Shock plays dress up.

Lady Gaga‘s Catholic school nuns saw her on the VMAs. Think they liked it?

• Cleve Jones’ fellow National Equality March organizers come to his defense.

Tony Perri tells his grandson Jeffrey about coming out, from leaving Jeffrey’s grandmother to telling each of his kids, as part of StoryCorps‘ oral history project.