Ireland Will Recognize Your Marriage … If You Wait A Year

Jedward-Launch-SPAR-Great-Ireland-Run-MAX11Marriage equality is coming to Ireland — just a little more slowly than in surrounding countries.

A pending referendum would allow Ireland to recognize marriages that were performed in other countries. Currently, gay couples who marry abroad are considered to have a “civil partnership” by the Irish government.

This is a big deal because marriage equality is coming to England, Scotland, and Wales in the next few months. Irish couples wouldn’t have to travel far to wed. In order to marry on the first possible date, couples would just need to declare their intention to wed by March 13. Marriages will begin on March 29.

But as always, the wheels of governance are turning slowly on the proposal. The soonest it could be heard is 2015.

And of course, it would be far easier if the couples could just marry in their own country. But such proposals have been voted down by legislators several times in Northern Ireland, and won’t be heard by legislators in the Republic of Ireland until next year. A survey in 2012 showed about 75 percent for marriage equality.

Meanwhile, support continues to grow for Panty Bliss, the Irish drag queen who bared her soul about bullying. If you haven’t watched this already, what are you waiting for?

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  • alan225

    I think saying that the wheels are “turning slowly” is a bit misleading. Homosexuality was only decriminalised here in Ireland in 1993. It was decriminalised in the UK throughtout the 60’s to the 80’s. If anything Ireland is moving rather fast considering how recently it was decriminalised.

  • taylorma1991

    Ireland has Same-Sex Civil Unions, just not full marriage equality yet.

  • Kieran

    Many Americans might be surprised to learn that in the new Catholic-Protestant power-sharing government of Northern Ireland, it is the Catholic parties who have been the most supportive of gay rights. Sinn Fein in particular, who came to power as the political wing of the Provisional IRA, have a stellar record of being decidedly pro-gay rights throughout Ireland.

    Sadly, it is the British loyalist Protestants in Northern Ireland who remain decidedly hostile to the idea of giving gay citizens their full civil and human rights.

  • Barringsbank

    I am afraid this posting is inaccurate and needs to be amended.

    The Irish Government has stated its intention to hold a referendum on equal marriage in 2015. It will permit same sex couples to marry in Ireland and allow the recognition of such marriages performed abroad.

    It is therefore wrong to imply that it will only allow the recognition of such marriages performed abroad.

  • Mezaien

    What to expect from Catholics! is like Russia.

  • alanj

    Ugh, that photo of Jedward will give me nightmares.

  • Jason b.

    I spent a lot of time in west Ireland (Galway) 10 years ago and I am surprised at the progress they have made in that time. Homosexuality wasn’t well accepted were I was at, although I did have a hot Footballer come to my defense when one of his party was rather nasty to me. He was straight but had me come to their after party at his townhouse.

    The Irish Protestants are directly related to many of our most Religious evangelicals in the South, there prespetarianism was the direct result of John Knox who was a Calvinist. So, I am not surprised by their opposition. Based on my experience the Irish pick and choose what Catholic rules they live by, that’s true for most rules, they are guidelines. Pretty liberal group.

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