Irish Bullies Beware

As Lance and Reichen get security to ward off the haters, students in Ireland have a new national campaign against homophobia bullying.

The product of a team-up between the Equality Authority (the authority on equality) and BeLong To Youth, the movement hopes to use posters, consciousness raising, and a bit of tough love to curb slurs, attacks, and general ass-kickings against students perceived to be gay. Ireland’s Gay Community News reports:

“Research has shown very widespread and high levels of homophobic bullying in post-primary schools,” says Niall Crowley, CEO of the Equality Authority. “It is important that we respond to that and seek to eliminate the problem, while responding to the needs of young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people in a way…”

“The Equal Status Act makes provisions in this area with its prohibition on harassment under sexual orientation grounds, which includes harrasement in schools. It is important that people know their rights under the Equal Status Act and become confident in making use of those rights.”

So, Irish bullies, if you have a particular fag or fagette that you’ve been meaning to pummel…well, tough shit for you. Unless you’re a total bad-ass, in which case we don’t imagine a poster and pamphlet will stop you or your hateful ways.