N. Irish Politico Suggests Gay Therapy

Gay activists are livid over N. Ireland MP Iris Robinson’s recent comments on “turning” gays around. Said Robinson:

I have a very lovely psychiatrist who works with me in my offices and his Christian background is that he tries to help homosexuals – trying to turn away from what they are engaged in.

I’m happy to put any homosexual in touch with this gentleman and I have met people who have turned around and become heterosexuals.

The homos aren’t having it, of course, and are calling bullshit on Robinson’s reparative theories. Education minister Catríona Ruane, meanwhile, took a more measured approach by “reminding” Robinson of her duties: “I think it is really important that politicians play a leadership role and that leadership role should be not to say anything that could possibly inflame the situation or cause further distress.”

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  • Darth Paul

    The b!tch needs some conditioner, STAT.

  • mark

    She might make a young lesbian have second thoughts, in the dictionary under inedible is Iris’ picture.


    Sexual Orientation is SET and INALTERABLE by 3 years old for BOTH heterosexuals and homosexuals.

  • zeph

    That doesn’t sound like “gay therapy” at all. Shucks, here I was hoping it involved trying homosexuality under the close personal supervision of a counselor.

  • CitizenGeek

    Fortunately, she’s up in the north so I don’t have to have to deal with scum like her down here in the Republic.

    Still, Irish politicians have a history of homophobia. Our current Deputy PM, Mary Coughlan, once told an EU conference that Ireland would never be ready for gay adoption. And the current minister for social affairs, Dermot Ahern, gave a disgusting speech in 1992 (the year before gay sex was decriminalised) where he made the association between homosexuality and the breakdown of society, linking it to the murder of a child in the UK a few weeks earler (the murder had absolutely nothing to do with gayness). Both have said their opinions have changed, but I do wonder ….

  • Bill Perdue

    There are three right wing parties in England and its remnant colony in northern Ireland and it’s hard to tell which of them is more bigoted.

    Is it the Tories (Conservative Unionist Party) who oppose reproductive rights for lesbians and measures to curb violence due to hate speech? Keep in miond that the Tories are also rabid islamophobic racists. Or is it the BNP, (British Nationalist Party) the little piglets who put the neo in neo-fascist? They hate GLBT folks and immigrants. Or is the DUP (Democratic [sic] Unionist Party) whose gangs of fanatic bully boys ran amok in a decades long terror campaign against the Irish and GLBT folk egged on by Ian Paisley. Their hatred of the GLBT communities is palpable and based on christist superstition.

    I think the only solution is for Sinn Fein, the all Irish nationialist party with strong socialist traditions to redouble it efforts to win control. Then they can invite sows like Iris Robinson to behave decently or get the fuck out of Ireland.

  • chuck

    Boo hiss. How would she like it if someone did ‘reparaitive’ therapy on her to make her into a lesbian?

  • B Nesbitt

    Bill she has the same rights as anyone else in NI (unfortunately :P), promoting a Sinn Féin lead civil war, i.e. further violence in NI is the last thing most in NI want, if you lived in NI you might be able to appreciate that. not sure if you are just ignorant of the true state of things in NI, or just detached from reality :S.

  • B Nesbitt

    One of the most damaging consequences for NI would be loss of investment, NI lost out in the troubles, and another loss of confidence due to political instability would destroy the NI economy. Your idiotic obsession with the situation NI, coupled with your lack of true understanding is not adding to the debate.

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