Anti-Gay Attitudes Fuel Suicides

Irish Pres. Comes Out For Gays

Calling homosexuality “a discovery, not a decision,” Irish President Mary McAleese urged her country to ease up on the gays. Speaking at a Suicide Prevention conference, McAleese sent this message:

Ireland is making considerable progress in developing a culture of genuine equality, recognition and acceptance of gay men and women. But there is still an undercurrent of both bias and hostility which young gay people must find deeply hurtful and inhibiting.”

Homosexuality is a discovery, not a decision, and for many it is a discovery which is made against a backdrop where, within their immediate circle of family and friends as well as the wider society, they have long encountered anti-gay attitudes which will do little to help them deal openly and healthily with their own sexuality.

McAleese also said that there needs to be more exploration into the links between sexuality and suicide. Young men make up 40% of Ireland’s estimated 500 each year. What a waste of perfectly good lads.