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Is $20 Million All It Will Take to Make This Go Away?

A $20 million offer to buy PerezHilton.com from a couple of second-tier gossip blogs and the owner of HotOrNot.com? Ya know what? Take it. Take the money and leave this boring world of blogging behind. Keep your brand (and the rights to your name!), find some new projects, christen some new tween celebrities, and keep up the hustle. Just do whatever it takes to save us from those “scoops” we get emailed from one of your new potential owners ZackTaylor.ca. Or, you know, use this offer to get AOL to double its own.

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  • Cam

    Perez hasn’t actually been running his blog for ages. All it is now is a bunch of repreinted press releases from publicists, and every once in a while a post defending Kate Gosselin. Not really worth reading.


    And they said the days of idiots waaaaay overpaying for internet items was over! :-p

  • Chris

    I fucking hate perez hilton, for a gay man to make a living off of outing other gays and lesbians is despicable. If I saw this guy in the street I wouldn’t hesitate to break his nose.
    and yes, I realise there is a little thing prohibited by law called assualt but hey maybe ill get judge walker to preside over my trial.

  • BelVivDevoe

    He is sooooo gross. Embarrassing that he is gay!

  • Qjersey

    AND the blog isn’t even timely anymore. Posts show up days after the same stories were featured on other blogs. PH has become the Hedda Hopper of today. He is nothing more than a publicist’s lapdog.

  • NAP79

    This vapid shit stain is an embarrassment to our community. He is one of the most disgusting human beings on the planet. Right up there w/ Glenn Beck and pedophile priests.

  • Jones

    Mario Lavandeira, aka Perez, if you read this, you or any of your minions, know that:
    no matter how many millions you make by being nasty to other people; no matter how much plastic surgery, photoshop, or gym hours you put in; no matter how many celebrities you hang out with, you will ALWAYS be that fat, obnoxious, smelly kid from school whom everyone hated.
    And that sir, along with all the pain and damage you have inflicted, you will take to the grave. Say hello to Fidel in Hell bubba!

  • TimBo

    The thing that amazes me though is people still keep reading his blog even those that hate it. Seriously it is like driving past a bad train wreak where you know people have died. You don’t want to look but you can’t help staring.

    If people could get over their morbid fascination for his crap and utter bullshit then maybe one day his blog will just shrivel up and go away!

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