Is 50 Cent Defending Gays Like Mister Cee Because It’s Good For Business?

50-Cent, who once bragged about being damn near un-killable, has shuffled back from multiple hateful statements and tweets he’s made about queer people, after being challenged by LGBT activists and bloggers. Black queer activists have for years organized against homophobic lyrics in hip-hop and in Jamaican dancehall music, causing artists to lose concert dates and endorsements. (Of course, Eminem hasn’t paid the same price as black artists; he dared to share a stage with Elton John a decade ago as “proof” he loves the gays and all was forgiven.) Even Funkmaster Flex and Charlamagne tha God, while trading on-air jibes, have been careful to insist that they don’t discriminate against anyone’s sexual preferences (set aside the fact that a beef over Cee’s sexuality is in and of itself homo- and transphobic). No one can afford to have already dwindling corporate sponsors pulled. These days, pissing off any audience that seems to be buying music, like them or not, does not make good business sense.

—Kenyon Farrow, the Brooklyn-based writer-activist and former executive director at Queers for Economic Justice, sees 50 Cent’s defense of Mister Cee after his blowjob scandal as both a moral and business decision [via]

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