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Is a Gay Chorus Still Gay if It Allows Straight Members?

From the LA Gay Men’s Chorus comes the heartwarming story of Chris Yraola, a young straight dude who practically begged to join the renowned singing group. You see, straight guys don’t sing. At least not in falsetto. And only with other guys in rocks bands where everyone bangs on loud instruments and gyrates for teenage girls in the audience. Since Yraola wants to perform, ah, sweeter tunes, he has to sing on our team. There just are not straight choir groups out there quite that good, after all. Or where you can be the center of attention just for the accident of not being gay.

“I want to thank everyone for welcoming me,” Yraola, a 24-year-old tenor announced at the end of a recent concert. “It means a lot because, No. 1, I’m a little shy. And, No. 2, well, I’m a straight guy.”

Clearly what’s really going on here is a heterosexual conspiracy to take over our precious gay culture!

The Chorus leaders see the straight integration as the next step in social progress. In fact Yraola is the second non-gay to join the chorus (the first is Jordan Bell, pictured in leather jacket and coif). If this keeps up, the chorus will be belting out Judas Priest tunes. Perhaps the chorus should go the way of some of the gay softball leagues, which limits straight players to two members of a team, a policy that has produced at least one lawsuit.

Via Los Angeles Times