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    Sad part is he is basicaly a good looking guy minus the “look at me” costume…………

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Well not by the look on his face!

    And to bikini boy, cheers, to each their own. But I’d recommend hitting the sun, cause, damn, those different shades of white look pretty bad all dressed to show off….


    Mike in Asheville, nee “in Brooklyn”: Minus the “look at me” face…….. :-p


  • Brandon H

    More hair down there and I’d hit it.


    @Brandon H: guess he gots to go with the bikini wax…….. :-p

  • JP

  • JP

  • JP


  • T.L Miley

    What a freak. Why are straight dudes so desperate for attention? and why is it always the FUGLIEST straight dudes who take off their shirts? damn.

  • Endless Men

    He wants to get a HUG? LOL

  • Darren

    Did he think Lambert would find him attractive just because he’s gay?

    Don’t get why this is news. If there was an amusing video for it, yeah ok but nothing.

  • kat

    Was Adam suppose to run out of the room screaming when this guy walked in? lol Adam seems to have a very good sense of humor and is very classy on top of that. Bikini Boy just needs some rays, lipo and a new do. Nice to see people having a good time.Nice article.

  • Dollie

    Based on some old photos of Adam that “leaked” during his time on Idol (air quotes because that almost implies such photos were negative, when they were certainly not), yes- he might be. But based on those facial expressions, he probably isn’t into that one…

    On a different, but not entirely unrelated note, I met Mr. Lambert while he was in Denver that day. SUPER nice (and grounded) guy!

  • Kieran

    They actually walked out? The sight of a cute young guy in a tight bikini is that fricking DISTURBING to these pompous, glorified talent scouts?

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