Queerty Asks, You Answer

Is Adam Lambert Sexy?


Just because Simon Cowell is willing to get out of his chair and applaud Adam Lambert doesn’t mean everyone is in love with the American Idol hopeful. He lands on The Phoenix‘s list of “100 Unsexiest Men of the Year” — at No. 6! That’s ahead of Jim Cramer and behind Rod Blagojevich. (Lending some cred to the list is the No. 1 spot: Rush Limbaugh.)

Opines the paper: “We’re not sure exactly what is driving teenage girls — and Paula Abdul — to make this Broadway-hack, balls-in-a-vice belter the early favorite for this season’s American Idol. The drag-queen pout? The pancake makeup? The worst haircut since Clay Aiken? Any of those traits would be enough to land him a spot on our list. But what puts it over the top is that ginormous whale tongue that flops out of his mouth every time he screeches one of his eyes-clenched, paint-peeling high notes. If this is the future of pop, we’re going country.”

Okay, Queertians, you weigh in: