Is All Out Destined To Become Another Useless Gay Inc. Group?

I’m not sure what the world needs is another LGBT advocacy group. I think we just need one or two that work. All Out, a new “global” organization that wants “Equality. Everywhere,” is backed by something called the Purpose Foundation, something which Google has never heard of, but the Times says “specializes in working with advertisers and nonprofit organizations on what is called cause marketing.” Officially launching next year, All Out is working off a $125,000 grant from the Arcus Foundation, which is enough cash to, uh, produce YouTube videos.

Does my attitude sound drab? Yep. And not because I don’t think All Out, or any of these burgeoning “grassroots” groups, don’t have a shot at effecting change. It’s just that they walk into activism with these grand ambitions, and we all know how things turn out. I’m all for bold moves (see: GetEQUAL) and grand schemes. I’m also one of those obnoxious realists, who doesn’t think a single YouTube video makes an activist organization.

I’m also one of those obnoxious gays who likes to be proven wrong. So make it happen, All Out. And show us how “Gay Inc.” doesn’t have to be a slur.

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  • hmmm

    I did find the video inspiring. Especially the bit about having rights in 5 years–not 25 years.

  • papparon

    Whatever we think of it, this may be one of the first if not the very first to dedicate itself to a global outreach. For that alone, I will support it.

  • Jason L.

    I happen to think it’s creative AND timely. As for your assertion that there’s “too many supporters”….this site and it’s writers live in a cave. No, it’s the polar opposite. There are not enough. Each movement, campaign, and project makes a difference. Even if it’s in one small corner, the more the merrier. We are HARDLY at a place to ask allies to leave the dance because we’re too over crowded. We need all the support, all the active activism, all the catchy campaign slogans, and even be it a youtube video…that’s better than sitting behind a computer getting paid to blog AGAINST those making a you tube video in support of equality. Queerty, so now you’re going to approach those fighting for our cause with a cynical tone? Make yourselves useful and Go back to commenting on the abs of models and leave *quality* work to those who are heartfelt. We don’t need to be questioning their abilities, instead your motives with negative posts like this.

  • Michael

    It’s amazing. Non-profits are springing up everywhere, and I blame the economy. So many people who once had big jobs, are now in the non-profit biz, pushing every cause known to man. You can definitely over-saturate efforts to support a cause. I walked four blocks the other day, and was confronted on each block by (paid) kids with clipboards, all selling me on the good works of the ASPCA.

  • Kev C

    The great thing about this video is that the signs are very legible and easy to read. And everyone enjoys reading while listening to anthem rock.

  • Red Meat

    I want more gay groups penetrating the internet and the media. Overwhelm all the bigots and the careless. I want it to be difficult to know how many gay groups are out there so that we are not an easy target.

  • redball

    Amen to that, Red Meat. Flood the mass media with this stuff until we’ve redefined the norm as being UNABASHEDLY pro-gay civil rights, pro-lgbt equality (TAKE NOTE, OBAMA). I’m having inspiring visions!

  • Kev C

    Gee, I could make a better video than this. And I certainly have experience with the subject. Maybe I should start my own campaign/organization/charity.

  • John

    How am I supposed to watch the video about All Out when an obnoxious audio track about cleaning products is going on in the background. You need to rethink these awful ads

  • callin it

    come on, the vid included trans men and women. Would you honestly expect Queerty to be anything less than snide, based on that alone?

  • jeff

    Just because chaining yourself to the white house fence feels good doesn’t mean it’s effective.

  • Travis

    I hope that they’ll pull something off with this, but like Queerty, I am skeptical. Maybe they’re just holding their mission and strategy close to the chest while preparing for an official launch, but for the moment they look like a global Join the Impact and we all know the lasting influence that org had… Hopefully they’ll prove that my cynicism is unwarranted, but it seems that AllOut is building the movement/community first, and figuring out what to do with it second. There’s nothing new there. An effective GayInc org would tell people what they’re in for before asking them to sign up.

  • Travis

    @jeff: Agreed.

  • gina

    Yet another gay-centered organization which uses the murder of trans women to sell their message (and fundraise). Nothing against the organization per se, but why do groups which are clearly communicating something about gay people suddenly mention discrimination/violence against transpeople (trans women to be precise) as though that’s part and parcel of what they’re discussing. If you’re going to talk about homophobia… go with that. It you’re going to discuss violence against trans women, then really discuss that, don’t ‘homogenize’ it into a gay message.

  • Dave

    Going to guess this is the Purpose Foundation you were looking for:

  • Jason L.

    @gina: Gina, you’re an idiot. It’s LGBT. We’ll get our rights. You’re idiotic, divisive message to pin us against each other ain’t workin’ babe…we’re loud, proud and have protesting down to an art BITCH!

  • Michelle

    I love this. They seem so sincere and I enjoyed the video for it’s flair.

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