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Is America Ready For Andy Cohen Saying ‘Jackhole’ Five Nights A Week?

Watch What Happens: Live, the Bravo show where host Andy Cohen makes fun of his own “wonk” eyes and flirts with Lance Bass, is heading into a five-nights-a-week test run. If it succeeds, you can expect five times the airtime devoted to Bravolebrities — and something to replace The Gossip Queens, which is, well, ugh. There will also be a New Year’s Eve special, though it’s unclear whether it’ll actually be live or taped, because Uncle Andy needs to get his off-camera drink on when that ball drops.

Now before you go poo-pooing the idea, know that Watch rakes in an average of 1.3 million viewers, and 817,000 adults 18-49 — nearly doubling last year’s ratings. And it costs about $11 to produce a half hour episode, ten of which go directly into the pocket of Neil Patrick Harris as a bribe to get him on camera. Also realize that since Andy is not just an on-air wonk, but head of Bravo’s programming, his day job might keep him from appearing on all five nights. Which opens the possibility of a co-host. Ahem.