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Is America Ready For Andy Cohen Saying ‘Jackhole’ Five Nights A Week?

Watch What Happens: Live, the Bravo show where host Andy Cohen makes fun of his own “wonk” eyes and flirts with Lance Bass, is heading into a five-nights-a-week test run. If it succeeds, you can expect five times the airtime devoted to Bravolebrities — and something to replace The Gossip Queens, which is, well, ugh. There will also be a New Year’s Eve special, though it’s unclear whether it’ll actually be live or taped, because Uncle Andy needs to get his off-camera drink on when that ball drops.

Now before you go poo-pooing the idea, know that Watch rakes in an average of 1.3 million viewers, and 817,000 adults 18-49 — nearly doubling last year’s ratings. And it costs about $11 to produce a half hour episode, ten of which go directly into the pocket of Neil Patrick Harris as a bribe to get him on camera. Also realize that since Andy is not just an on-air wonk, but head of Bravo’s programming, his day job might keep him from appearing on all five nights. Which opens the possibility of a co-host. Ahem.

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  • Cam

    Cohen needs to concentrate less on trying to become a celeb and more on getting Bravo more shows that don’t have the word “Housewives” in them.

  • Jeepers

    The only good thing I assocoiate with cohen is when he was trying to be smarter than Levi (with questions like “Are there any gay people in Alaska?” “Are their any Jews in Alaska?”) and Levi just calmly answered yes and made cohen look like a typical snivveling Manhattan gay doofus.

  • divkid

    Damn! And twat! That video is not available in my area! I swear you people must still be bitter about that taxing without representation shit…must be that. In the mean time Im deprived of some fine -looking – salt”n” pepper-haired- geekmeat-daddy-substitute. WELL, ENJOY!!!!!

  • Berto

    Divkid, be thankful you aren’t able to view this. He’s annoying. Be thankful, too, that England left the colonies; you were sparred the joys of Jerry Falwell.

  • divkid

    Berto, ill see your JERRY FALWELL and raise you –GERRY HALLIWELL; Now that is the imprimatur of a cruel unforgiving God.

    As for this guy, meh, he’s sooo last-two-and-a-half -hours ago.

  • alan brickman

    Bravo sucks because of him…

  • JoshP

    OH GOD NO!

  • JasonYeb

    I LOVE him and his light hearted show. He is self depricating with his humor, doesn’t take much seriously, has fun AND promotes equality and worthy gay causes when he can. I think it’s interesting how EVERY gay person in the public eye gets ridiculed on this blog yet you guys swoon, fawn and make a fool out of yourselves over straight celebrities who many of which take our money and don’t do sh*t for us regarding our rights.
    It’s bitchy, competitive, envious jealousey. Anytime a gay person succeeds, other gays want them dead. Whereas with every other minority group, anytime one succeeds, the others realize it’s a stepping stone in paving the way for exposure and acceptance for all!

  • -DC05-

    If you all don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple as that. I agree I think it’s a fun show. Maybe if the host was a hetrosexual man who was unattainable and said f*g loosely you’d warm up to the premise?

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