Is America Really This Saturated With Tops?


First an analysis was performed on’s hook-up listings (and identified Houston as the best hunting ground for tops), and now has figured out where in America the Ts and Bs are hiding out. What do we learn?

The northern Mountain region is full of equality, with sex partners taking turns who plays catcher. Also, big cities don’t always reflect the mood of the rest of a state: Craigslist says Houston and Los Angeles are bottom-heavy, but Texas and California as a whole are lands of tops says Manhunt. But sometimes it’s accurate: New York City is full of waiting receivers according to Craigslist, and Manhunt reports constituents statewide are, too.

Then again, maybe Manhunt’s data collection methods are flawed: The site polled users on whether they’re tops or bottoms, and you know how the typical guy responds to that question.