Is America Really This Saturated With Tops?


First an analysis was performed on’s hook-up listings (and identified Houston as the best hunting ground for tops), and now has figured out where in America the Ts and Bs are hiding out. What do we learn?

The northern Mountain region is full of equality, with sex partners taking turns who plays catcher. Also, big cities don’t always reflect the mood of the rest of a state: Craigslist says Houston and Los Angeles are bottom-heavy, but Texas and California as a whole are lands of tops says Manhunt. But sometimes it’s accurate: New York City is full of waiting receivers according to Craigslist, and Manhunt reports constituents statewide are, too.

Then again, maybe Manhunt’s data collection methods are flawed: The site polled users on whether they’re tops or bottoms, and you know how the typical guy responds to that question.

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  • dantalion

    um i dunno if i’ve forgotten which state is new york here, it’s been a long time since i’ve been in the country after all, but that most of them are bottoms isn’t what i’m seeing on the map at all. you know, unless Rhode Island is the new New York.

  • dantalion

    also, i’ve no idea what the typical guy says, i’m a somewhat versatile bottom, and frankly, i know alot of bottoms.
    what, are we supposed to be embarressed about taking it up the a**?

  • MB

    @dantalion: New York CITY is full of bottoms, not New York state.

  • SteamPunk

    Or most of the gay (or even closeted gay) men in American don’t use Craigslist or Manhunt, so their data is more a sample of their users – not a sampling of America as a whole.

  • tavdy79

    Tops are rare as hens’ teeth in my town. There are plenty of versatiles, like me, but we’re still vastly outnumbered by the cock-hungry bottom-boys.

  • ask ena

    sure got California wrong…

  • scott ny'er

    the nyt or wall street journal should join this trend and create this poll as well. LOL.

  • sal(the original)

    tops exist!!!omg!!!

  • Nickadoo

    Ahh, thanks for this purely scientific poll, Manhunt. No one ever lies in an online profile.

  • James

    Mainly I think that manhunt has a lot of tops whereas has a lot of bottoms.

  • Fitz

    Wonderfully, in the Bay area, there are 20 bottoms for every top.

  • Toby

    I have lived in NYC, DC and LA. My experience has been most of the gays I have met and have been friends with are bottoms. My experience has shown that most bottoms don’t admit to being bottoms so I think this poll is little skewed by some fibbing.

  • WeHo Joel

    Well based on experience with Manhunt about 1/2 of the profiles are ASK. Then you have a good portion Bottom/Versatile which means Bottom usually. A few Top/Versatile which I always equated to he’s a top unless he is high or drunk then he becomes a bottom bitch.

    I’ve never understood the stigma that comes with announcing to the world that one is a bottom. Do we all hate ourselves that much? I don’t think people would like on Manhunt that they are top or bottom as what would be the point. But they stretch the truth as in all the stats they provide. The bottom becomes bottom/versatile which means he is a bottom unless after 12 hours of cruising Manhunt the only way he’ll get laid by someone close to his own age is to top the guy. Hey people it’s just sex. Relax.

  • Jay Pat

    umm what? Yes craigslist is very accurate. Texas is all bottoms, everyone knows that. blahhh

  • stevenelliot

    what man doesnt like his prostate tickled from time to time…..

  • KPC

    Everyone is an individual and we all have various preferences in all aspects of life, including sex, and I truly to respect each person’s individual taste. That being said, I’ve never totally understood the whole top/bottom phenomenom. I love to fuck and I love to get fucked. Both feel great. I’d never want to deny my other half the pleasure I get from both positions and it’s so fun to just keep switching back and forth. But that’s just me! Live and let live.

  • JD

    Well, North Dakota at least makes sense. You kinda have to take what you can get out there.

  • SaintCahier

    I think that at this level of aggregation, the data are useless. Maybe bottoms flow to metropolitan areas and tops stay on countryside (or vice-versa) so as to masquerade the State trend ? Besides how much is the imbalance ? Is is *that* statistical significant ? Should I add one more reason to move to California ?

  • Jack

    Now I understand why my alma mater’s song was “On Wisconsin!”

  • rick

    all this proves is that gay men lie just like straight men.

  • Joanaroo

    My gay male friends all laugh when I say this, but agree with me that “You guys have it best because you can have the best of both worlds!”.

  • mb00

    @Toby: Yeah, I get ya, what’s the stigma with being a bottom? I have some friends that are bottom and, but it’s like they don’t like to admit it. What’s up with that?

  • sparkle obama

    guys would be less embarrassed to identify as “bottoms” if you all would stop using those gross terms like “bottom” & “top”.
    that’s sooo 20th century!
    i’ve said it before, those terms are suspect, old fashioned, corny & demeaning.
    how about “receptive” & “insertive”??
    is that too pc for you, aunties?
    duh, get with the program, girls.

  • Qjersey

    I have fucked more guys who listed themselves as tops (not vers/tops) on manhunt than I can count

  • damon459

    with less then 500 people on manhunt for the entire state of Montana, labeling us mostly vers. is crazy I’ve lived in MT my whole life (30yrs) and I can tell you those Vers. guy’s are bottoms. We have more bottoms then we know what to do with. If your a bottom and in MT you almost have to make reservations a yr. in advance lol, besides making an assumption on such a small sampling isn’t going to give much accuracy.

  • Zack

    This is the dumbest post I’ve ever seen

  • Synnerman

    Somehow I don’t think that takes into account the T.O.P.s (Tops on Paper) that pervades those venues.

    “I’m a top” get them into bed and they want to get fucked equals “versatile” but their queerphobic egos won’t let them acknowledge they like getting fucked.

  • Rodney

    Well, I live in Atlanta, GA. If the entire state of Georgia is Tops, than I need to start looking outside of Atlanta because Atlanta is the bottom capital of Georgia. There are about twenty bottoms for each top. This also includes the bottoms who classify themselves as versatile. Nobody ever tells the truth on those sites anyway.

  • Tweek

    I thought it just funny and somewhat sad. It just goes to show how being a “bottom” has a negative reputation – especially among new or closeted gays, who are less likely to be comfortable with bottoming. Additionally, the whole idea of anonymous sex often causes guys to not want to feel the vulnerability that can often accompany bottoming. Overall this sampling is very flawed. Lets see a statistic taken from the bar scene – it will be very much the opposite.

  • Paul

    Wrong! I live in Michigan and 90% of the gay men I have met throughout my life here have been bottoms. (or versatile, which of course means I’ll TOP if I have to.)

  • sparkle obama

    ew, stop saying “bottoming”.

  • Bitch Republic

    Utah is mostly bottoms in my experience. :P

  • me

    i don’t believe this for a second. in my experience tops are actually quite rare. if gays can lie about their dick size (a study compiled from SELF-REPORTED data showed that gays have larger dicks on average, which i also think is untrue) then they can lie about this too.

  • E. D.

    Maybe by tops they mean “straight guys who say they’re straight just so they can fuck gay bottoms, nsa, without commitment, and then go back home to their wife”

  • Tony

    I’m not sure why any man would be a bottom. You could wind up with an STD or leaky bowels. It’s not worth it. We’ve lost millions in our community from anal sex and thousands living with HIV. Gay men need to start empowering themselves and drop the top/bottom, sub/dom, insertive/receptive labels. Anyone can live without anal sex. Tops have this ego macho man thing, they’re the man, the bottom is the pseudo vagina. The whole thing is ridiculous. If you do a little research you’ll find in early history that anal sex was never part of being gay. It was frowned upon. If you want to be a top/insertive/dominant man then go have sex with a woman.

  • OMG

    How does Tony have sex, we all wonder… Oral only? Which would be wonderful for me, since I’m totally orally oriented. Never met anyone who’s like that too, though…

  • Fitz

    What ugly stupidness is this.
    I don’t sleep with tops or bottoms.
    I sleep with men. One, usually.

  • bghnow

    @Fitz: Exactly right

  • Tony

    @OMG: OMG, I don’t know who these men are that you know, but not all gay men have anal sex. I thought everyone knew that. There’s deep kissing, oral, body licking, body contact, frot, mutual masturbation, nipple play, lots of other exciting and erotic things to do with your partner. Why do something that’s damaging to your body or another man’s body? That’s what anal sex does. And that’s why so many gay American men have HIV, AIDS and damaged rectums. I know so many guys will say of course your anus is for sex because that’s where your prostate is. My answer is always the same: if the anus were the male g spot and that wonderful a place, every man on the planet would be a bottom or verstatile.

  • horus

    @Tony: you don’t have to be into anal sex tony. please stop making negative comments about something with which (apparently) you are ignorant. it’s highly offensive to me and i’m sure a few other people.

    being a man is more than what u do in the sack. it’s how you live your life. how much integrity do you have? how considerate you are of others? do you treat your mate with respect and affection?

    it is true most boys take longer to mature. and we can see it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight. men are immature until they have some experience to back it up.

  • Tony

    Bottoms are self loathing. To pretend you’re a woman in bed is pathetic.

  • Fitz

    @Tony: so… that means you only sleep with guys who hate themselves?

  • Tony

    I only have sex with guys who love themselves. I live in the real world where men are men and they don’t pretend their anus is a pussy. I don’t get involved with anal tops or anal bottoms. The bottoms are the self loathers and the tops only contribute to their problem. If you want to take it between the legs get sex reassignment surgery and become a woman. Read post #40 for more info.

  • Kubo

    @Tony If a guy “pretends” to be a girl in the sack what is that to yo?. Since you don’t like it, you can leave it alone. We already have enough flak from the mainstream, we don’t need hatred coming from someone within the community. Sex is sex, even heterosexual sex is dangerous, yet people do it anyways. I say, if you know the possible consequences and and want to go ahead, then go ahead. But what I do, or do not do in bed is none of your concern, unless you’re in my bed.

    As for the “self-loathing” bottoming claim. “Bottoming” is just another part of being gay, kind sir, just like “topping,” “versitle,” and “no-anal” positions. Different gays, like it different ways. Your preferences don’t have to be shared by everyone, or even liked for that matter. However, you should not be disrespectful to someone because they have views different than yours. Your way of thinking is counter-productive to our culture, narrow-minded, and to be quite honest offensive.

    But on the other hand, I do agree that there are other options for erotic interaction, and these should be looked into for those seeking to light a “spark” or two. (Finding someone into these options but not interested in intercourse, will naturally be difficult; as our culture as a whole tends to favor intercourse, eventually)

  • Tony

    Fitz, I don’t do anal. Read post #40. Kubo, I don’t care what anyone does in the sack. They should keep it to themselves, but once you start talking about anal you are going to get flack. Buggery is a self loathing lifestyle–always was, always will be. And bottoming/topping is not another way of being gay. It’s an unhealthy gay lifestyle choice which effeminizes the bottom and spreads AIDS. That’s hardly productive. Some of us don’t feel part of the gay community. We don’t want to be part of it. We don’t like the stereotypes involved in that lifestyle. You can complain there’s not enough money given to AIDS and there’s no AIDS vaccine on the horizon, but just think, if you give up anal you won’t have to worry about AIDS. It’s rarely transmitted by oral sex. It’s main transmission is anal sex and sharing needles.

  • voracioustop

    The thing is, 80% of the “tops” on manhunt are looking to get fucked after all, so….

  • whatajoke

    I can’t believe someone actually took the time to do this analysis. It’s kind of obvious from looking at that map that most guys do not want to be self loathing girly bottoms. As for the person who said bottoming is just being another part of being gay. That’s ridiculous. A guy acts like a chick, pretends his anus is a pussy, and all is well in the gay world. You guys need to get out more into the real world and out of the gay ghettos. Anal is so 1960’s/70’s and you’re watching way too much porn. We need to decrease HIV and no anal is the only way it’s ever going to happen. Condom use has failed miserably.

  • VIc

    all I know is in Dallas, there are about 100 of us bottoms fighting for the few and far between REAL TOPS in this city.

    I really want to know where there is that statistic if reversed. you know 100 TOPS for every bottom. That would be heaven!!

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