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Is Andrew Shirvell’s Web Campaign Against UMich’s Chris Armstrong A Joaquin Phoenix-Style Piece of Theater?

Andrew Shirvell, the totally-not-gay Michigan assistant attorney general who spends much of his free time attacking Chris Armstrong, the gay president of University of Michigan’s Student Assembly, appeared last night on Anderson Cooper‘s program to explain his conspiracy theories — and essentially proved what is to be believed about grown men obsessed with younger gay guys: they are creeps.

When your basis for attacking somebody is “The Alliance Defense Fund is doing it too,” you’re a loon. Done and done. But at least Shirvell finally revealed why he is “really” going after Armstrong: He supports gender-neutral housing. Oh, and he “senses a lot of anger” in Anderson’s voice. Maybe because Shirvell isn’t lavishing Andy with attention? Whatever. This is the same guy who, in 2005, attacked an Ann Arbor pizza joint for having a rainbow flag in its window. You can’t take these people seriously.

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  • randy

    Shervill is gay gay gay. Wake up before you really hurt someone.

  • oli

    im surprised a purse didnt fall out of this closet case’s mouth as he was talking.

  • FreddyMertz

    This is simple….VPO. Has he been drinking the same bong water that Christine O’Donnel and Michelle Bachman been drinking. CREEPY!

  • Cam

    Somebody said that there is a picture floating around of this guy posing with a popular drag queen in the area.

  • Cam

    Oh wow, I just watched the video. What a creepy psycho closet case!

    It’s obvious that he has a very unhealty obsession with that 21 year old student. If that student isn’t careful he is going to wake up to find this guy trying to break into his house.

  • NelsonG

    “You can’t take these people seriously.”

    Really? Is it because Shirvell is a few ingredients short of a Big Mac or is because Shirvell has also been targeting gay republicans, including Aaron Shock?

  • RomanHans

    Shirvell is about three minutes away from being found peeping through Sullivan’s window with one of Sullivan’s jockstraps in his mouth.

  • Drake

    Shirvell is either going to permanently crack up or else kill himself once he discovers that he himself is totally gay.

    In the meantime, I hope that Shirvell is not allowed to own a gun. He is a menace.

    Finally, I wonder of Anderson Cooper is using this story as part of his own, long-delayed, and slow public coming out?

  • Dave in Northridge

    Joaquin Phoenix-Style Piece of Theater? Gee, if he really wants to meet Chris (and all that would entail) he should just ask, but I don’t think he’d get what he wanted from the encounter. I’ll go with batsh*t crazy here, and proof of the damage the closet can do.

  • ewe

    The only homosexual agenda is EQUALITY and equality is not a radical concept.

  • Soupy

    This guy has some serious freak going on.

  • Black Pegasus

    I watched this interview the other night, and I can’t remember when i last felt so much anger! I wanted to jump thru the screen and beat the living fuck out of that Self Loathing Sack of Shit!

    Even Stevie Wonder can see the Gayness in this sullen fag, yet he wants to attack a student for being gay? WTF???

    How can he get away with this behavior as the Assistant Attorney General?

  • BigBear

    Doesn’t he look like Pee Wee Herman.

  • NelsonG

    @Black Pegasus: Because the Michigan Attorney General has done it too; that’s why.

  • condenasty

    OMG I watched until 3:20, the moment when Shirvell started speaking. I would know that accent anywhere….he is totally gay. I am sure it fills him with ire that this young man is out and popular and holding an elected university post. Self loathing leads to strange behavior…

  • DianeSaw-her

    Both are pathetic. Two queens bitch-slapping each other on national TV and neither one has the cojones to admit he’s gay. Repulsive.

  • uu

    HAAAAHAHAHAHA … overcompensating much, asshole? :)

  • JohnnyTrue

    This guy is a A 1 lunatic and probably dangerously so – I hope Chris Armstrong can get a restraining order soon.

    I know we expect more from Anderson on here – but this was a good smack down – and exposed widely the idiocy of the homophobes.

  • James


  • verbaltopman

    During that interview, my gaydar went off the charts, my bullshitometer exploded, and my psychosis detector vaporized.

  • ewe

    @DianeSaw-her: wow, there is an element of truth to what you say.

  • tjr101

    This guy still has a job because the bigot Michigan AG agrees with everything he is doing.

  • Joey

    Andrew Shirvell is gay. Just stating the obvious.

  • GayGOP

    I am already on my way to give up on my party. This wingnut just adds another reason to quit the GOP and become an Indy.

  • matt

    I do not understand why somone in Michigan does not or can not stop Shervil. Who owns the internet sites where Shervill is posting these hateful messages? This bastard Servill fits all profiles of one sick closeted pedofile!

  • scott ny'er

    @matt: Ummm. Google / Blogspot owns that website. And that website is now private. Interesting.

    Report his website for hateful speech to Google/Blogspot.

  • easyguy

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Perry

    Ok, I admit I have absolutely no gaydar, but OH MARY PLEASE! What is this wingnut’s problem? Does Shirvell have a political agenda? Is he setting himself (name recognition-wise) for a future office run? The ultra-right in the GOP eats this stuff up!

  • Perry

    Ok, I admit I have absolutely no gaydar, but OH MARY PLEASE! What is this wingnut’s problem? Does Shirvell have a political agenda? Is he setting himself (name recognition-wise) for a future office run? The ultra-right in the GOP eats this stuff up! PS. Are thisose eyebrows waxed?

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