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Is Andrew Shirvell’s Web Campaign Against UMich’s Chris Armstrong A Joaquin Phoenix-Style Piece of Theater?

Andrew Shirvell, the totally-not-gay Michigan assistant attorney general who spends much of his free time attacking Chris Armstrong, the gay president of University of Michigan’s Student Assembly, appeared last night on Anderson Cooper‘s program to explain his conspiracy theories — and essentially proved what is to be believed about grown men obsessed with younger gay guys: they are creeps.

When your basis for attacking somebody is “The Alliance Defense Fund is doing it too,” you’re a loon. Done and done. But at least Shirvell finally revealed why he is “really” going after Armstrong: He supports gender-neutral housing. Oh, and he “senses a lot of anger” in Anderson’s voice. Maybe because Shirvell isn’t lavishing Andy with attention? Whatever. This is the same guy who, in 2005, attacked an Ann Arbor pizza joint for having a rainbow flag in its window. You can’t take these people seriously.