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Is Anyone Going to See Alveda King At Glenn Beck’s Americana Festival?

Tomorrow Glenn Beck will welcome America’s ideologues to Washington D.C. for “Restoring Honor,” which “pays tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honor.” In this preview video, he points to the Washington Monument and says the word “erect,” L-O-L! Now, Sarah Palin is gonna be there. And so too will my new favorite disgrace, Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, and who cannot form a complete thought about why same-sex marriage is bad for her.

It’s worth noting Ms. King spoke at the National Organization for Marriage’s summer tour stop in Atlanta — which was not, NOM continues insisting, a religious event, but a political one. And now that she’s showing up at Beck’s rally at the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow? She’s quick to note, in this Christian Science Monitor op-ed, “Beck’s rally is not a political event, per se. Instead, it is designed to be a refreshing exercise of freedom of speech. The rally will be a celebration of who we are as a nation and a chance to stop for a moment, reflect, reorganize, and re-energize. It’s a chance to think about character; both our character as a nation and our character as individuals.”

In conclusion, Ms. King does not participate in either religious or political events. Just polarizing ones.

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    Queerts, you missed a huge factor in this debacle. It is being held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream Speech”……….Beck and his mob insist when they planned this hatefest they had no idea…………And while the vast majority of persons associated with the civil rights movement have blasted the date, of course King’s vile crunt of a neice is all for it…….

    Coretta and Martin King must be watching this vile little witch with tears in their eyes……

  • Ryan

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Wow…I didn’t even realize that. I knew about the anniversary of the speech, but not that Ms.King was going to be there. That’s disgusting and.. how can she consider herself family to him after doing this?

    She must not be getting the same attention as Palin and Beck, cause Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow (from what I’ve seen, and i watch) would have hammered this bit of information out into the public arena.

  • Daez

    This event is being sold as a day of inclusion for all people be they white black or pink skinned. Apparently, they just can’t be gay. So, its a day for everyone to come together except the gay people to live in peace and harmony (by turning their hate to gay people). Fun! Fun!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Isn’t it funny that an event that is suppose to be about “character”, has as some of it’s star attendees, people of the lowest character? Beck? Palin? These are people who would be living in the gutter, if not for Fox News.

  • OrchidIslander

    The National Organization for Marriage’s summer tour stop in Atlanta where Alveda King spoke was a joke. The amount of supporters who showed up for NOM was minuscule. They were way outnumbered by those in the opposition. It is telling that the most noteworthy and prolific speaker NOM was able to produce was Alveda King?

    Which makes me wonder. With all the Becks and Palins out there – you know, the right-wing, hater white folk with real money, clout and connections – why spend so much time and effort castigating and covering someone like Alveda King, for whom, until recently, most of us were unaware of her existence.

    There are much bigger fish to fry. Alveda King is really no one and not much of a threat. She’s sort of like a small, but worrisome, pimple attached to the much larger and uglier ass of our real enemies.

  • emjayay

    As fish to fry go, Alveeda is a pretty big one. About 250 or so.

  • Jeffree

    The NOM bus tour is failing to draw legions of supporters. Alveda King isn’t going to attract many more. Their message of hatered against SSM no longer carries much weight — unlike Mrs. Maggie Srivistav Gallagher,

  • Lance Rockland

    Glenn Beck is a racist piece of SHIT! Cockroach!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Daez: They love every race, color and religion as long as they’re breeders.

  • Jossi

    Alveda King, Glenn Beck and Maggie Gallagher can all pucker up and kiss my shiny white ass! Damn hateful homophobes need to get a life and stop trying to ruin other peoples lives!

    Alveda is an ugly fat bitch
    Maggie is a short fat bitch
    Glenn is a media whore

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