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Is Ben Cohen Torturing Us? Are Unisex Changing Rooms The Solution? Does Anyone Read GQ Anymore?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  


This is somewhat of a touchy subject as suggested. As it says in the article the second the boy started to receive the negativity at the school, they felt the need to step in. If they had continued to let the negativity go on, what would have happened?

I’m sure many of us know all to well what happens when the school finds out their fellow student is gay. Sure some of it it just words but others get physical and then even attempt to instill fear of assault. Recently a boy killed his self leaving behind his passwords to everything showing just that. Although the school was making sure the safety of the student was at its highest interest, I have to side with the school to a point. They stepped in. However, they most definitely asked the boy what he wanted to do about the negativity. Not just reacted as quickly as possible. Either way the consequences could have been severe.”

W. is his own devil’s advocate in Utah Middle School Outs 14-Year-Old To Parents—For His Own Good


Boring. Being gay doesn’t define us. I think we all know he is gay. Move on. Nothing to see.

Wow has a point. Or does he?  in Is Anderson Cooper Going To Come Out On His Talk Show?


“I don’t really think this is a trans issue as all. It is just that our country is sexually …stupid?

Who cares if the person in the fitting room next to you, which has a door, is a man or a woman? Why is that even an issue?! No one should be walking around completely naked anyways. It like we simply assume that getting undressed leads to…who knows what.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been to stores were the men’s and women’s fitting rooms were the same and no one got raped or sexually harassed or was uncomfortable.

If they want to change the policy then fine, make it all gender neutral.”

Jay Pat has a good solution in Fox News Host Smiles Vapidly While Guests Trash Transgender Women


“Is he trying to help gays or torture them?”

stag hag knows what keeps the boys drooling with pain in Pro-Gay Rugby God Ben Cohen Hits London Sex Shop To Promote 2012 Calendar


“Real men don’t apologize. GQ is for sissies.”

Kev C is a sexist pig… and we kind of giggle about it in GQ Apologizes For Suggesting Adam Lambert Has “Testosterone Problem”



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