Is Buffalo Wild Wings’ New Slogan Promoting Homophobia? Or Just An Awful Attempt At Humor?

Buffalo Wild Wings, which boasts 652 locations in 42 states and serves chicken wings with sauces like Asian Zing and Mango Habanero, has a brand new slogan it’s very excited to tell you about! Or rather, Queerty reader Mark is: “No, it’s really cool to wear another mans name on your back.” A cutesy play on stereotypical masculine fears, a la Foster’s? Or courting consumers by promoting homophobia as an ideal, a la Guinness?

“A few friends and I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings this afternoon just as we always do on Sundays to watch the sports games on the big TV screens,” writes Mark. “However this Sunday when we walked in, we where very SHOCKED by the restaurant chain’s new slogan which was posted on every wall, the floor mats, the table napkins, and even the coasters; ‘No, it’s really cool to wear another mans name on your back.’ Now, I have 2 master degrees and consider myself to be a pretty smart person, however I can not figure this one out. Is it simply an unfunny slogan, or is it a poor attempt to make some sort of discrete anti-gay remark? Regardless, my friends and now feel completely unwelcome in the restaurant and will not be returning again.”

Okay team, you know the drill: Pretend you work at GLAAD, and make the decision whether to issue a Call To Action and clog up thousands of email inboxes, or give them a pass and order another round of spicy. Because what we have here is a national sports bar chain lulzing around whether it’s appropriate for its clientele (let’s just take a guess and say BWW goes after the male demo) to be so into a male sports hero they would wear his name on their back. Some might think that’s pretty gay, ya know.