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Is Charlie Crist Going to Abandon Florida’s Right to Keep Gays From Adopting?

With malleable Charlie Crist changing his mind on LGBT equality — adoption! bi-national partners! — as he makes a stab for the U.S. Senate, is he also going to put those positions into place while he’s also Florida’s sitting governor?

Crist said today he’ll review November’s ruling by a Miami judge reversing the state’s lawmaker-enacted ban on gay couples adopting — something Attorney General Bill McCollum said he wanted to extend to foster parenting — that parental hopeful Martin Gill brought after being denied the right to adopt.

“As I think most of us learned in life, the older you get, the more tolerant you become and the less judgmental you are, and that’s called wisdom,” says Crist, confusing “wisdom” with “flip-flopping on issues for political advantage.”

Marco Rubio, Crist’s GOP challenger, this week already used the governor’s upcoming position paper to attack him. And don’t be surprised if he goes one step further: After all, Crist’s campaign tactics just four years ago involved going after his opposition for SUPPORTING OUR RIGHT TO ADOPT.

Florida’s Heterosexual-ish Gov. Charlie Crist Comes Around On Supporting Gay Rights

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