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Is CNN Still Inviting Quacks to Discuss Homosexuality? Oh Look, There’s Ex-Gay Richard Cohen

Continuing its Guilty As Charged Tour in giving platforms to America’s hate leaders, CNN invited Richard Cohen, the ex-gay advocate, on the network to discuss California’s bizarre 60-year-old law that remains on the books calling for the state to search for a cure for homosexuality. Except the only reason to invite Cohen — who in 2002 was barred from the American Counseling Association — on a program is to give him a chance to admit his gross abuses of human psychology, not as a purported expert on the “reversible” nature of homosexuality.

Immutable characteristics cannot be changed, and it’s an absolute farce for the media to continue to engage in such conversations — unless CNN is prepared to host a segment on how white people can become black, and humans can become donkeys.