Is ‘Cultural Nihilist’ Bill Donohue Still Talking?


The Washington Post‘s “Voices” column is where crazy people who don’t have their own blogs come to talk. Which explains why editors there gave Catholic League’s president Bill Donohue room to overshare. And wouldn’t you know it, he opens with that “cultural nihilists” phrase he’s so fond of. Looks like someone’s hoping to create a new buzzword! Just a taste of his sweet bitterness: “Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions. What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity. They know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong, and they shudder at the dreaded words, “Thou Shalt Not.” But they continue with their death-style anyway.”