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Is Dan Choi’s Hunger Strike Coach Planning On His Death?

It’s day six of Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo’s DADT hunger strike — called “DignityFast” — and Choi is light-headed, the back of his eyes hurt, and rumor has it that even his bisexual starvation coach Zoe Nicholson has gotten a lawyer just to avoid personal responsibility in case the fast should end badly. It’s like a night at Twilo in the early aughts, minus the legal representation.

According to her blog post entitled “Life In The Fast Lane”, Nicholson entered a 37-day hunger strike in 1982 saying, “fasting is warp-speed, Captain. It is razor sharp, wicked quick, bright as sunlight and deep as the desert horizon.” And while it’s great that Choi’s hired someone with such a positive outlook, it doesn’t make his undertaking any less dangerous. People have died 42 days into their hunger strike and even Choi’s supporters know he could very well starve to death before his three demands get met by the extremely quick-to-act bureaucracy in Washington D.C.

One such commenter suggested that we skip breakfast each morning and send the money we save to pay for Choi’s medical or funeral bills.

So while getting a lawyer to handle the hunger strike’s severity could just be Nicholson’s way of legally protecting herself, it doesn’t portend well. It kinda seems like signing a pre-nup before a wedding where everyone commits suicide during the reception.