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Is Eddie Long A Victim of Black Churches’ Institutionalized Homophobia?

In an attempt to be sympathetic, I will say that if Long is guilty of these deeds, he is to some degree a victim of the homophobia that many sectors of the black church, and churches of various backgrounds, proudly endorse. The 57-year-old was likely taught a worldview that didn’t embrace acceptance of anything outside of heterosexual and Christian. What would make Long despicable is his alleged abuse of power, and so my sympathy would evaporate quickly. If you want to be a self-hating church queen, then keep it to yourself. … Not every black church is homophobic. … But it’s the homophobic churches that roar the loudest and take in the most revenue.

—Clay Cane, the New York-based reporter, giving disgraced Pastor Eddie Long the slightest of passes [via]