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Is Eminem homophobic?

With Eminem, you either love or hate him, primarily if you identify as a member or ally of the queer community. Despite his alleged support for same-sex marriage, the rapper has long used homophobic slurs in his music. Today, much evidence still suggests that the hypermasculine rapper may be anti-gay.

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Why Do Fans Think Eminem Is Homophobic?

Eminem has faced criticism for his obsession with heteronormativity and offensive lyrics. Here are just a few instances that prove he may be homophobic.

Anti-Gay Sentiment In His Lyrics

Eminem’s first homophobic controversy occurred in 2000 when he released the song “Criminal” as part of The Marshall Mathers LP. Its lyrics read, “My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge / That’ll stab you in the head whether you’re a f*g or l*s / Hate f**s? / The answer’s yes.”

“Criminal” is not the only Eminem song with similar slurs. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, the rapper claimed that his use of the slur was not used in an anti-gay context. Instead, he excused its use by saying it was “thrown around constantly” in rap battles.

Still, many have called out Eminem for being selective with the offensive words he incorporates into his music. For instance, as a white rapper, Eminem has never used the n-word in his music, making his generous use of the f-word even more confusing. 

Today, Eminem claims that everything he says is “tongue-in-cheek” and that there is nothing he can do to change people’s minds about him.

Using The F-Slur In A Diss Track About Tyler The Creator

In 2018, Eminem released the diss track “Fall” against fellow rapper Tyler the Creator. In his attempt to dismantle the Flower Boy artist, Eminem raps, “Tyler create nothin’ / I see why you call yourself a f****t, b***h.”

Eminem later expressed regret over his homophobic diss, claiming that he might’ve gone too far. He admitted that in his attempt to hurt the LGBT artist, he realized he was hurting many people by incorporating the slur into his lyrics.

However, not many fans took the apology seriously. Eminem later released the single “KILLSHOT,” another diss track that included the lyrics “You would suck a d**k to be f*****g me for a second.”

Glorification Of Abuse And Violence

For years, Eminem has rapped about mistreating, raping, and torturing women. While he claims they are not to be taken literally, many fans have done the opposite, even committing sex crimes and demonstrating discriminatory behavior against women and members of the LGBT community.

Even more chillingly, in the song “Kim,” Eminem raps about murdering his wife and subsequently stuffing her body into the trunk of a car. In another song, “Drips,” he raps angrily about catching sexually transmitted diseases from “h*s.”

Eminem’s apparent disdain towards women and anything feminine puts female-identifying members of the LGBT community in a vulnerable position, exposing them to further harassment and violence.

Justifying His Statements

Eminem is no stranger to having to justify his words on numerous occasions. However, despite having a platform to correct himself, the rapper seems to have only ever made things worse. 

When questioned about his use of the f-slur, Eminem justified his actions by declaring that he wasn’t referring to gay people. Instead, he attributed the f-word as “the lowest degrading thing you can say to a man. F****t to me just means taking away your manhood.”

Of course, Eminem is referring to straight men, suggesting that gay men are already emasculated.

Eminem In The Tiktok Era

Eminem’s latest release to have garnered flak is “Tone Deaf,” whose lyrics include, “I won’t stop even when my hair turns grey (I’m tone deaf) / Cause they won’t stop until they cancel me.”

Since 2010, Eminem has been the center of many Gen Z-led discussions after TikTok users argued that “Love the Way You Lie” glorified domestic abuse and toxic relationships.

EMINEM at the world premiere of his new movie 8 Mile

Final Thoughts

Despite his supposed growth as a person, Eminem hasn’t shown actual signs of remorse for his misogynistic and homophobic work. The rapper continues to broadcast the same prejudices, probably because they garner the shock value he intends to create when people listen to his music. 

Since threatening to assault Pamela Anderson in The Slim Shady LP, Eminem hasn’t demonstrated any signs of being capable of becoming an ally, much less leave out any homophobic language from his lyrics. Ultimately, the answer to the question “Does Eminem support LGBTQ communities?” is probably no.

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