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Is Evan Lysacek Going to Give Us Ammo To Speculate About His Sexuality?

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Yep! Because the only ammo one needs is claiming to be “single.” The American gold medalist is often branded the much butcher figure skater next to Johnny Weir, but we’ve all heard the rumors that Lysacek plays for our team. And he’s not helping convince us otherwise.

“I’m single — I haven’t had any time for dating while I’m training. I’m lonely,” he tells Nancy Kerrigan, who somehow got a job with Access Hollywood (owned by NBC Universal, natch).

Not that there isn’t a girl in the picture. She’s Nastia Liukin, the Olympic gymnast, and the Vancouver gossips say they’re dating. But Evan says they’re … wait for it, wait for it … just friends. “Yeah, we’re very close friends and she’s been such a great inspiration to me over the last year and has given me great advice on subjects that she’s been through that I haven’t dealt with yet, and I’m honored to have her here.”

Is it a stretch to claim Evan? Of course. But this is always the game we play with attractive guys with any level of success; we want ’em! (The same reasoning explains why we no longer claim Tom Cruise as one of our own.) And maybe we’re just perpetuating the “figures skaters are gay” stereotype. Or maybe it’s just the “great asses are belong to us” stereotype: