Is Fearing God’s Wrath a Good Enough Reason to Deny Apartment to Gay Couple?

Don’t you at all feel bad for Will Goertzen, the Canadian landlord who feared God would strike him down if he rented an apartment to two gay men? That’s why he tore up the lease he signed with Scott Robertson and Richard Anthony, denying them the flat after learning they were a couple, because homosexuality “isn’t natural and it’s a crime against nature. I can definitely not have a part in it,” he told the Human Rights Commission. And what did Goertzen’s Christian act allegedly do? Made Robertson and Anthony homeless for 10 days as they searched for a new home, as they had just sold their house. The men want $23,500, each, in punitive damages. But keep in mind: Goertzen was just looking out for the well-being of young folk!

Anthony’s sister and her son already lived in the building, and Goertzen — who “recognizes the supremacy of God over the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” notes the Canadian Press — believed letting the gays move in would have a negative influence on the young boy.

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