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Is Florida’s New Gov. Rick Scott Going To Launch A New Fight to Rescind Gays’ Adoption Rights?

During the overnight Florida’s LGBT advocacy group Florida Together issued an email blast citing “breaking development”s in the legalization of gay adoption in the state. Just as we’re celebrating the news of Martin Gill at last finalizing the adoption of his two foster sons, which came after Attorney General Bill McCollum announced he wouldn’t challenge a court’s ruling striking down the ban, Florida Together claimed “the showdown on adoption may be just starting instead of nearing an end.” How come? Because while Gill was getting his paperwork in order, new Gov. Rick Scott was telling the media “adoption should be by a married couple,” while this week naming David Wilkins, the finance chairman of the no-gays Florida Baptist Children’s Homes (which requires prospective parents to be active, church-going Christians), the new secretary of the Department of Children and Families. Troubling news, sure. But does it mean Florida Together’s fears are sound?

There’s reason to think so. “I’m the governor and whatever my position will be, will be the position that will be enforced,” said Scott, who not only opposes unmarried couples from adopting, but also single individuals. That said, Scott’s spokesman Brian Burgess doesn’t want the gays to worry, saying the governor won’t be attempting to re-enforce the ban. “The governor’s priority is job creation and not setting new legal precedent at DCF,” says Burgess.

Which is great news. Until Florida’s economy recovers. In the meantime, can we start digging around Mr. Wilkins’ history? Because the last thing we need is another state department head, who can decide what constitutes “the best interests of children,” believing the discrimination against gays is acceptable policy.