Is Fox De-Gaying Gale Harold’s Past?


A reader sent us a link to this article which questions Fox’s packaging of actor Gale Harold – best known to you as Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk. Starring on this season’s television graveyard, Vanished, Kinney’s online bio apparently glosses over his tenure as cocksucker extraordinaire.

The lack of faggotry, however, can be attributed to Harold himself.

A Fox spokesperson [contends that] Harold’s online bio was provided by the actor, and referring questions to Gale Harold’s publicist, Nancy Seltzer. Seltzer acknowledged that the bio was scant on details, but said that was Harold’s preference: “If he could, he wouldn’t even have a bio at all. He feels the work should be the focus. It’s a very purist view about the work he’s currently doing, whatever it is, and no reflection on any past work. When he was on Queer as Folk, he didn’t talk about his films or other roles, either.”

Some people may take this as nothing more than the work of a publicist spin doctor, but we’d like to believe it. Look at him: does he look like someone who would try to escape his homo-acting past just for a few new fans? Nyet. He knows his fan base. He just doesn’t want to exploit us. A gentleman, indeed.

Gale Harold Hasn’t Vanished Yet [After Elton]