Is Gavin Newsom Already Dead in the Governor’s Water?


We know you were all excited about San Francisco’s heterosexual mayor Gavin Newsom and his bid for the governor’s mansion. But some in the media are already counting him out (though with this asterisk: anything possible!), saying that despite lollygagging around with Bill Clinton, he doesn’t have enough cash to face challengers like Prop 8-lover Meg Whitman, let alone his own Democratic primary opposition, Attorney General Jerry Brown. Or maybe it’s just ’cause Newsom is too gay for school: “The mayor might be popular in San Francisco, but most of California isn’t like San Francisco, especially the state’s more conservative central valley, parts of which have fortified in opposition to Obama. Not to mention one of Newsom’s signature issues: gay marriage, which the state swatted down in a rejection of Prop 8 last fall. A profile by Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman earlier this year illustrated Newsom’s bet on progressive thinking catching on, but he has yet to be proven right.” That, and not everybody can afford that fancy organic food you probably want, Gav.