Is Gavin Newsom Already Dead in the Governor’s Water?


We know you were all excited about San Francisco’s heterosexual mayor Gavin Newsom and his bid for the governor’s mansion. But some in the media are already counting him out (though with this asterisk: anything possible!), saying that despite lollygagging around with Bill Clinton, he doesn’t have enough cash to face challengers like Prop 8-lover Meg Whitman, let alone his own Democratic primary opposition, Attorney General Jerry Brown. Or maybe it’s just ’cause Newsom is too gay for school: “The mayor might be popular in San Francisco, but most of California isn’t like San Francisco, especially the state’s more conservative central valley, parts of which have fortified in opposition to Obama. Not to mention one of Newsom’s signature issues: gay marriage, which the state swatted down in a rejection of Prop 8 last fall. A profile by Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman earlier this year illustrated Newsom’s bet on progressive thinking catching on, but he has yet to be proven right.” That, and not everybody can afford that fancy organic food you probably want, Gav.

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  • Fitz

    He has no chance to be our governor. (though he should).

  • Jason

    He would be a GREAT guv. Oh well.

  • Jack

    California, thank God, has its share of knowledgable, sophisticated citizens. Sadly, they are in the minority. Granted, a significant minority, but a minority, just the same.
    Evidence: the current Governator.

    A Gavinator would be too much to wish for. Regrettably, not enough of the population would support Newsom. He has a hard enough time in San Francisco, alone.

  • Republican

    There’s not a chance in hell that Newsom has enough support to win the general election, so if the Democrats are smart, they’ll pick someone else. Unlike some here, I’m not convinced that he’d be a good Governor anyway.

  • BJ

    He’s dead in the MAYOR’S water. As a citizen who voted for him, I’m embarrassed by his complete disregard for the city and county of San Francisco. I would not support his campaign for governor of California. If he can’t effectively manage a city of 800,000 people, how on Earth could he think to take on a state of 40,000,000 people?

  • Fitz

    Yea, I love him for what he has done for gay marriage– but he can’t manage a state. The executive perk and pay issue, during this financial crisis, is evidence enough.

  • tjr101

    Newsom doesn’t have a sliver. He is just too liberal and gay friendly for the majority prop 8 voting Californians. He is wedded to same-sex marriage and will be labeled for the rest of his career.

  • Jim

    He is lame

  • Martini

    He is hot.

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