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Is “Give Me All Your Love” The Equivalent Of A Senior Moment For Madonna?

I’m not sure there’s any way to write about “Give Me All Your Love”—or, really, Madonna in general—without pissing off some gays. I’m prepared to for the wrath of the devoted but, come on guys, this is tripe. Seriously. Can we just agree on that?

No? Ok. That’s cool.

I’m not not the biggest Madonna fan to begin with but her older stuff—early ’80s to mid-’90s—is, I think we can all agree, unequivocally great. It’s classic modern pop music. Period. And no one’s got anything bad to say about Ray of Light. And, hand to God, I actually really do like Music and American Life. I think those albums get a bad rap. Confessions on a Dance Floor? Fantastic.  So believe me when I say that none of this comes from a place of straight-up hateration.

Everything post-Confessions, however, is what I like to think of as Madonna’s midlife-crisis period. To me, Hard Candy is the musical equivalent of your dad going out and buying a Maserati: Madge entered her 50s, got divorced and put out an album of puerile, raido-ready pop songs.

While people may turn up their noses at the music Madge made in the Music/American Life era, at least she was doing something interesting. None of those songs were particularly experimental, but neither were they easy or predictable. She was working with this weird French producer to make slightly left-of-center electro-infused dance music. And American Life, while not the most cerebral of critiques of contemporary American culture, was challenging the listener about their views of this country similar to the way Erotica challenged our conceptions of sexuality.

But Hard Candy? She was working with freakin’ Timbaland and Kanye for fuck’s sake. Sure, they’re amazing producers, but I wouldn’t call working with dudes who churn out Top 40 hits a particularly interesting move.

They’re the easy out. They’re the inappropriately younger girlfriend to go with the sports car.

And now here’s “Give Me All Your Love,” a song that sounds like something a kid on a Disney Channel show would release. This should be the theme song of Amy Poehler’s character in Mean Girls. The thing is, Madonna’s core audience, like her, has aged over the past 30 years. And, hopefully, we’ve matured. But it doesn’t look like Madge has matured: as far as her music is concerned—and really, that’s all I’m willing to get into here—she seems to actually be regressing. I’m not saying she should go all Streisand and start putting out drippy jazz standards. But look at what she was doing in the Bedtime Stories era. Look at “Take a Bow” and “You’ll See.” Look at “Rain” and “This Used To Be My Playground.”

Don’t those songs seem like the work of an artist who was growing up, of a powerful woman who was confident in her work and her place in the industry?

By contrast, the music Madonna is putting out now is that of a desperate woman-child. We’re left with a fallen idol clawing for perceived relevance, desperate to be embraced by a generation reared on Justin Bieber’s sanitized tween appeal and Katy Perry’s cupcake tits.

Maybe this is why Madonna hasn’t been as warm and embracing of Lady Gaga as she was with Britney Spears. Britney never posed much of a threat to the Big M. She was never going to do much more than make hit songs. Prop her up in a recording booth and put some peanut butter in her mouth—cool, we’ve got an album! Slip her some Nodoz and push her out onto a stage—werk, it’s a tour!

People talk about Madonna sucking out Britney’s soul with that kiss on the VMAs back in 2003. But I wonder if, along with her soul, Madonna didn’t absorb a bit of Britney’s inanity.

Gaga on the other hand is using pop music as a vehicle to do something interesting and often challenging. She’s doing what Madonna used to do. She’s more extreme, more confrontational than Madonna has been in over a decade. That’s gotta irk the Material Girl, at last seeing the beginning of the end of her reign.

The world moves on, Madonna. Why can’t you?

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  • matt

    HUGE OG madonna fan since 13, now considerably much older at 41. And I must agree with the author here 250%. Although I could never hate Madonna nor anything she puts out I do feel as if there’s a pinnacle she’s reached, a place where there’s nothing to prove nor an impetus to create. I think it’s natural. Having said that, I’m still a fan.

  • Kamuriie

    Not every song has to be meaningful or particularly deep. Give Me All Your Love is *fun*, and I enjoy listening to it. That’s all I need. Why do people love drama like this? Life’s too short to go on a rant about a Madonna song.

  • Ryan

    Before every one hates on Gaga, let me say as a Madonna fan:

    Remember when Madonna shamelessly took Marylin Monroe’s whole hustle and absorbed it into her own work and added layers over it to make it her own? And the older people freaked out on her but Madonna didn’t care if she was being called un-original because getting older people to complain about you is the surest way to make younger people LOVE YOU. And now here we are resenting Lady Gaga. So even Gaga’s ripping off Madonna….is ripping off Madonna! Joke.

    But to be fair, even though Gaga is certainly using Madonna’s persona as a foundation for her work she’s obviously layering her own ideas on top of that. Madonna had it easy in that Marylin Monroe was conveniently dead by the time she came up…it’s not Gaga’s fault her biggest influence is still working 20 years after her biggest videos came out. She shouldn’t be expected to wait around.

  • QJ201

    While it may be a catchy song, I think its just way to juvenile for a women of her age with such a long recording career. The song also sounds like someone took elements of gwen stefani, katy perry and britney spears tracks and put them in a blender.

  • Clint

    Madonna has already proved herself. So what if she wants to have fun on a song? Your article is ageist and shows your issues and not Madonna’s. Maybe she wants to make the statement that age shouldn’t limit what we are allowed to do.

    I don’t think Madonna feels threatened by Lady Gaga either. Her latest album had to be sold at 99 cents just to sell the first week. The latest singles have bombed from it. Her looks and performances are all rip-offs of Madonna’s looks. Her choreographer was just fired for admitting to ripping off Madonna to create Lady Gaga’s looks. Lady Gaga peaked with her first album. Now everyone just considers her a Madonna tribute act. Where have you been?

  • pchul

    Yes her fans have aged, but Madonna is first and foremost a clever business woman. She needs to pack arenas with warm bodies, and a younger demographic is more likely to do so.
    If men can still rock out in the very youthful rock/pop world, why can’t she?

  • christopher di spirito

    Madonna has a paper-thin, tiny, chirpy voice and with this as her foundation, managed to create an extraordinarily successful, pop music career.

    But her body of work — when listened to dispassionately, sounds alarmingly similar.

    When stacked end-to-end, Madonna’s music is just a 27 year serving of cherry vanilla ice cream. Nothing wrong with cherry vanilla ice cream but, it just tastes the same.

  • Troy

    Lady Gaga’s music is neither challenging nor inventive it’s exactly what Cher did in the 80’s and that’s not flattering. When your music is being compared to Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf and Dr Alban you should just hide in shame. On the other Hand “Give meal your love” is not great either but at least Madonna’s is only ripping off herself, all the others are doing it so why won’t she ?
    Marry the night is the kind of shit Meat Loaf would have released in 1994. So maybe Madonna’s age is an excuse for her shitty new song but what is Gaga’s forher whole latest album ?

  • Mike

    First of all this is a freaking demo so wait to judge the final product. I don’t understand why every freaking Madonna song needs to be judged against true pop masterpieces like Like a Prayer, Live to Tell or Ray of Light. Can’t some songs be pure fun? Some of Madge’s most beloved work (Holiday, Into the Groove, Borderline etc) weren’t particularily deep. People bitch about the fluff Madonna with this stuff, the Madonna that latches on to hot and current with Hard Candy, the taking herself too seriously and over the top with American Life…the dance-revival Madonna with Confessions, the too new age Madonna with Ray of Light etc, etc…the point is there is not 1 single Madonna, there are DOZENS of Madonna’s b/c she’s grown and constantly changed as an artist. I have full faith this album will have some deep and meaningful songs like Frozen, Power of Goodbye, Promise to Try etc, however she needs something to introduce herself to Top-40 again and a dance song is certainly the route to go. Say what you want about Madonna (and all of us even the diehard fans have a few songs or even an album we hate) but she always knows what she’s doing and will surprise you when you least expect it. That’s why she’s hands down the most important and influential female artist in music history, and the most sucessful.

  • Troy

    Lady Gaga’s music is neither challenging nor inventive it’s exactly what Cher did in the 80’s and that’s not flattering. When your music is being compared to Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf and Dr Alban you should just hide in shame. On the other Hand “Give meal your love” is not great either but at least Madonna’s is only ripping off herself, all the others are doing it so why won’t she ?
    “Marry the night” is the kind of shit Meat Loaf would have released in 1994. So maybe Madonna’s age is an excuse for her shitty new song but what is Gaga’s for her whole latest album ?

  • Seth

    Madonna is the artist that all other female artists are judged against. Lady GaGa wouldn’t exist without her. Don’t like the song but wont stop me from giving the album a chance

  • Michael in Toronto

    “I’m a different kind of girl,” she sings.

    You can say that again.

    You’re a 53-year-old trying to be 16.

    Sorry, Madonna fans, but I call that pathetic.

  • Michael in Toronto

    “I’m a different kind of girl,” she sings.

    You can say that again.

    You’re a 53-year-old woman trying to be 16.

    Sorry, Madonna fans, but I call that pathetic.

  • mark

    @Ryan: Only difference is Marilyn Monroe was a actress and not a pop star. Madonna might as well copied Marilyn Monroe in her looks but the essence is Madonna 100% and unfortunately you can’t say the same thing about Gaga that mimics Madonna to the point where you think you’re seeing and in her case even hearing double!!!
    In truth Madonna brought long time ago what Lady Gaga is trying to bring back now. You must be short sighted or half brained not to see that Lady Gaga is basically Madonna circa 1989- 1993!!!

  • Sasha

    Yeah, Gaga’s ”album of the decade” is real innovative. lolz! Gaga couldn’t even ”mature” on her second album.

  • Tyler

    Sexist and Agist? This article was a complete waste of my time. Does anyone else remember when Queerty used to have good articles? I miss that.

  • Tommy

    So tired of all the hate that is directed at Madonna. On the one hand you say you liked her early 80’s music but when she does a song that is like her early 80’s stuff you complain about it. Why can’t she have fun and dance if she wants to? She’s done the serious stuff. Now she wants to have fun.

    I think the reason Madonna embraced Britney was because she felt Britney needed her help in a motherly way and because the tabloids really tormented Britney. She felt sorry for Britney because Britney was the recipient of the same kind of media hate that Madonna has always faced and started out as an insecure teenager. Gaga doesn’t need her help. Gaga is a strong adult, is constantly praised by everyone and isn’t really tormented by the tabloids or media.

    I like Gaga’s music but I don’t see that she’s doing anything that challenging. She writes catchy songs and wears outrageous costumes. That’s pretty much it.

  • Tony

    Where is Gaga’s latest flop ‘Marry the Night’ on the charts? Right. It’s not charting. Her ‘Like A Prayer’ ripoff ‘Judas’ isn’t either. She is so been there done that. At least Madonna looks good then and now. Lady Gaga and her stupid trick-or-treat costumes are getting so boring. It’s like what is she going to stick on her head next!

  • Ryan

    @mark: Gaga clearly has a darker and macabre edge to what she does compared to Madonna’s material. She has more rock influences in the mix. And obviously has her own ‘essence’. Madonna would never be be bleeding at the MTV awards or have lyrics like “I want your disease”. If you don’t think Gaga’s lyrics are distinctly her own then you either haven’t bother listening to them or your jsut a fan-boy who can’t admit Gaga has her own spin on things.

  • ChrisC

    @Clint: Gaga’s album sold 1.1 million copies in it’s first week. Only 400,000 of those were the 99 cent albums. Selling 700,000 copies of an album in it’s first week in the day and age of YouTube and illegal downloading is AMAZING. To date the album has sold almost 9,000,000 copies. ‘Born this way’ the song charted at number 1 in almost every country it charted in, ‘Edge of glory’ went to number 3 on billboard, ‘Hair’ – a promotional single did VERY well on the charts for it being a promo single and ‘Marry The Night’ is predicted to go to number 1 on billboard. Madonna could never. That’s why she’s over.

    PS: Madonna never dressed like Gaga. If anything Gaga dresses more like Bjork. Madonna dressed like she just fell out a garbage can, while Gaga dresses stunningly. Not to mention Madonna was god ugly in her 20s and 30s.

    PPS: ‘The Fame Monster’, Gaga’s second album, was the best-selling album of 2010 and produced the smash hit ‘Bad Romance’. Gaga makes Madonna shit herself from fear.

  • ChrisC

    @Tony: ‘Marry The Night’ was just released on the 15th you dumbass. Yesterday it was number 1 in 10 major US cities.

  • Gregoire

    I’ll go anywhere Madonna takes me, but if I had to prefer, I’d like to hear her version of ‘Like A Prayer’-type album reflecting her current experiences. Love to hear sing about her teenagers, as opposed to sounding like one.

  • mark

    @Ryan: Wow what a wonderful line!! What a piece of poetry!!! “I want your disease!!” i never heard that before!! lolz
    Ok i was wrong. Lady Gaga is not a Madonna clone. She is merely a cross between Madonna and Marilyn Manson!
    Shame i have seen better Halloween costumes and cabaret performances at my school!!!
    Lady Gaga is all hype or at least she was and the fact she’s slowly disappearing from view says it all!
    She thought by stealing the Madonna formula which is constant changing and reinventing she was going somewhere but she pushed it to the limits where people now can’t be bothered if she is wearing a dress made of horse shite or she’s ripping somebody else’s song or sound!
    i am sorry but to me she was all hype.. although i enjoyed her first tunes!

  • amy

    @ChrisC: Madonna was ugly in her 20’s????
    No matter what people say Madonna was a teen idol worshipped by everybody. Dont matter if you was a boy or girl or gay or straight!! Madonna was the one and only sexual fantasy to millions of teenage boys all over the planet!! She was the number 1 sex symbol for many years! Sorry you cant say the same thign about Gaga.
    Get your facts straight before somebody ugly!!

  • Tony

    It absolutely cracks me up that people have to attack Gaga in order to defend Madonna because her new track, and her past album for that matter, are such indefensible sell outs or back tracks. Full Disclosure: I love Madonna. I love Gaga. But this new track isn’t worthy of an experienced artist of Madonna’s stature…

  • Tommy

    @Tony: Hmm, Tony. It seems to me it’s the other way around. Mostly it’s the Gaga fans who are attacking Madonna and calling her ugly and untalented. I like Gaga,, but her fans put me off of her because they are always attacking Madonna.
    Why can’t people judge the song as a song? It’s a catchy pop song. But because Madonna has been around a long time, people always compare a new song to her older stuff and whatever she does now is never good enough. Leave in the present and enjoy what she is doing now and don’t compare.
    I don’t see how Hard Candy was a sell out. She has done R&B before, She worked with Babyface on Bedtime Stories. Madonna is a commercial pop star, can she really sell out?

  • James

    Here’s a revolutionary idea: Maybe the two artists can co-exist.

    In the meantime, I will be patiently waiting for a co-op and accompanying music video. Divas should unite, not fight.

  • Michael

    It’s crap. Pure and simple and the woman cannot and has never been able to sing-without the aid of every technological device known to man. For a woman whose conquered the world-there’s not a lot there except smoke and mirrors. And she has done shit for the gay community. Cyndi Lauper and Gaga have done more in 5 seconds than that wretched cunt has her entire career.

    And I just don’t get comparing Gaga to Madonna-it’s like comparing Aretha Franklin to Kylie Minogue. Gaga has a great voice and is a great musician, who got accepted to Julliard for god’s sake. No-one, not even her family knew Madonna could sing until she failed as a dancer(LOL)What Comparison?

    Many of the comments are evidence of the professional flattery that has cocooned Madonna her entire career-because success, no matter how talentless but attenion seeking you are is almost always the only factor that comes into play when discussing Madonna “Oh all those years in the business-what genius” etc etc. She just should have quit afer “Erotica” as she’s been nothing but desperate and completely irrelevant ever since. Hello, Kaballah?Perhaps this is why Madonna is so rancidly indifferent to the gay community (except where money is concerned), so utterly homophobic.

  • Red Meat

    This article speaks the truth, Madonna died a decade ago and the direction she is going now will only solidify how irrelevant she has become.

  • Jake

    So many bitter Queens. Madonna has ALWAYS been a supportive advocate for the gay community long before that was the “cool” thing to do. She always had a close circle of gay friends and podlike who influenced her from her first dance teacher to musicians, dancers, Designers and photographers. She spoke out for AIDS awareness, marriage equality and against bullying. Many of you would probably bitch if she did anymore bc you’d claim she was using us. Those that say she cant sing it’s not even worth my time proving you wrong since you’ll never change your opinion even though she can quite well when she wants to. Madonna could have quit music in. 1995 and still would be the most important female in music. Thankfully she continued to release some badass stuff (Ray of Light, Confessions) and I hope for more to come.

  • Roman

    Uhmmmm… so who is this madonna person who I, as a gay person, am supposed to admire so much? Is this a catholic thing? I’m not religious…

  • Pip

    Your argument makes no sense. You’re “not the biggest Madonna fan” but you like every one of her albums except Hard Candy? You think that particular album was a “senior moment”, but you think Confessions on the Dance Floor is fantastic? I think you’re just incoherent. Give Me All Your Love is probably her best pop song in a looongg time. Just as far as hook and vocals go, its way above everything off her past 3 albums.

  • brendan

    @Roman: What’s the point in even commenting if yo don’t know what or who you’re talking about!! you only wanna prove a point that no one can disprove. Madonna is the most famous pop star on earth!!! Deal with it!!

  • brendan

    So you re trying to say Lady Gaga is like Aretha Fraklin. But we all know Lady Gaga became an over night success because of her attitude/image and NOT for her voice!! And who’s Killie Minague?? i think Madonna is so world famous that at least she deserved to be compared to someone to that level of fame!!
    Truth is Madonna can’t be compared to anyone because she along with Michael Jackson changed and shaped the way of popular music for years to come… on the other hand Lady Gaga like many with her or before her will always be compared to Madonna.

  • L.DawG

    Ageist. Enough said.

  • Vevar

    @Clint: First of all amazon sold the 99c album on their own accord… that had nothing to do with gaga. secondly bad romance was one of the most successful song and video of all time. thirdly born this way was the fastest download single in history.. spent almost 2 months atop the billboard charts and has extreme cultural relevance. so you’re claim that gaga peaked with the first album is irrelevant

  • Zee

    I love Madonna, she’s the Queen. But Everyone is entitled their opinion…some will like it, some not. Nothing wrong with that.

  • mark

    Madonna stans forget about Lady Gaga! She’s yesterday news already!! (Have seen her performance on uk tv and she looked like an Halloween act. Honest i was cringing when i was watching and i felt sad for her as well.)
    Rihanna is the one to watch now!!

  • Roman

    @brendan: THANK YOU, brendan! I just won a bet. :D

  • Boccadoro

    I don’t think this is Madonna’s best song, but I do think that this review is a bit harsh. It’s a fun danceable song and it’s just a demo for fuck sake!

    Whenever she gets serious people complaint that they miss dance-madonna and whenever she gets back to do fun music people start complaining that she should act her age.

    The thing I like about Madonna is that she always does what she wants (and in the process she teach us to do the same), if you claim to be a fan, you are missing the main point of her career.

    Also, I think people like to hate Hard Candy just because it was produced by Timbaland & co. Forget about that and you realise there are some pretty amazing and personal songs: Devil, Voices, Etc..

  • Jason

    terrible review for a demo track. maybe you the writer have aged but don’t use another artist or anyone else as means of justification of your own ageing.
    Hard Candy-Stellar album loaded with great Madonna material. Give It To Me, Heartbeat, Incredible & She’s Not Me…hardly mid life crisis tracks. They are equally brilliant tracks as her previous body of work.
    American Life-One of the best albums she has ever made but people like you probably wrote a crap review like this one at the time of it’s release. Nonsense.
    Confessions on a Dancefloor-It was ‘Ok’ but I think she has done waaaay better.
    Your article blows. The end.

  • shle896

    Wow! So, you’re reviewing Madonna’s yet to be heard new album based on an unfinished demo that leaked to the internet? Personally, I give Madonna (and William Orbit) more credit than that. I’ll reserve judgment until after I’ve heard the new album a couple times.

    And just because she’s 53 (about half the age of the Rolling Stones)doesn’t mean her best years have passed. She’s pulled so many bunnies out of hats than I can begin to remember.

    And all this nonsense about Lady Gaga (whose about as original as a soap opera storyline) replacing Madonna as the Queen of Pop is premature to say the very least. If Lady Gaga is still selling millions of albums and selling out stadiums all over the globe in the year in 2035, THEN the comparisons can begin.

    It’s always a mistake to count Madonna out. People have been doing it for years and time and time again, she’s proved them wrong. Given her track record, I think it’s apparent that Madonna knows what she’s doing. After all, she has NOTHING left to prove.

  • Kenover

    It’s hard for pop stars to age gracefully.

  • danram

    I may be missing something but I can’t fathom the extensive review (and with such FINALITY) and discussion of Madonna’s upcoming album based on ONE DEMO? I will reserve my opinion about the album until the album comes out. I can’t write a definitive opinion (which the Queerty post above sounds like) without hearing the official album. It’s like reviewing an unedited, unfinished scene of a movie.

    Now, if this song really makes it to the album as is, then, yes, I am not that impressed with it. But, still, the rest of the album (or the album in its entirety) may sound better.

  • danram

    I may be missing something but I can’t fathom the extensive review (and with such FINALITY) and discussion of Madonna’s upcoming album (and, worse, it sounds like a judgment on the rest of her career) based on ONE DEMO? I will reserve my opinion about the album until the album comes out. I can’t write a definitive opinion (which the Queerty post above sounds like) without hearing the official album. It’s like reviewing an unedited, unfinished scene of a movie.

    Now, if this song really makes it to the album as is, then, yes, I am not that impressed with it. But, still, the rest of the album (or the album in its entirety) may sound better.

  • kae

    Agree with the article. She has lost her way. I think she is obsessing over being older and getting older. What is she trying to do in this song? Recapture her early pop days? The laughing gas voice is odd and unbecoming for a woman of 53. Her competitive need to the best is a kind of egotistical tyranny that she needs to grow out of. I disagree about Gaga; I don’t think she has anywhere near the talent of madonna at the same age; Gaga is all style and no substance. She will not have the longevity of madonna.

  • pj

    Madonna is what Lady Gaga wants to be when she grows up end of discussion. Madonna is and will be what other female artists are compared to. Like it or not Madonna doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks, she does what she wants and makes no apologies for it and that what separates her from her imitators.

  • jason

    Madonna was popular in the 80’s and 90’s because she made snappy, fun music with an infectious quality to it.

    Nevertheless, Madonna’s image was demeaning to women. She propped up the sleazy straight guy fantasy, a fantasy which objectifies women and treats them as pieces of meat. The ultimate irony is that we gay men propped up this sexism. We gay men helped to make it acceptable for women to dress like sluts and claim to be bisexual, even if it was fake. Ultimately, we gay men promoted the notion that women should be objects for sleazy straight guys.

    This is paradoxical because it means that we are encouraging the very same forces that treat us as second-class citizens. In other words, our encouragement of women to dress like fake bisexual sluts (as Madonna often did) pandered to the desires of grubby straight guys who don’t really like us gay guys.

    A lot of gay men fail to understand that, if you transfer the attitude of the slutty gay male social scene to women, it creates sexism within the straight community. It makes women less equal to men.

  • Babycakes

    If the classic 80s and 90s sound Madonna is supposed to be limited to according to her former admirers is the benchmark for her greatness, then Give Me All Your Love should put Madonna light years ahead of all of her pretenders yet again. She is making exactly the kind of music she wants to make. As Liz Smith recently wrote, everyone thinks they know what’s best for Madonna. Unfortunately for them, Madonna knows better than anyone else because at the end of the day, even if you don’t get down with the notion of women being entitled to sexuality or youth after 50, clearly she does and she is as talked about today as she has always been. In other words, she isn’t going anywhere and you are invited to the party with love or hate. It’s always been the same.

  • SandWitchKraft

    The whole argument about whether the song is simply fun and frivolous or too cheesy for an artist of Madonna’s stature to record would be irrelevant if the song were good. But it’s not. It’s just terrible. Yes, it’s a demo, but it’s only a “demo” because it hasn’t been mastered. This is it people. It’s not going to change significantly musically or lyrically. Madonna would be wise to scrap any release plans and find another lead single. I’ve been a fan for well over 20 years, and frankly I’m a little embarrassed by this. It’s not close to level of what current pop stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Adele, Pink, Nicki Minaj, Britney, and Selena Fucking Gomez are releasing… and that’s a scary thought.

  • Sam

    Lady Gaga takes what Madonna has done previously and turns it into an abortion. There is nothing interesting or challenging about it. Janet Jackson came much closer to snatching Madonna’s crown, remember her?

  • jason


    Liz Smith does not have any credibility on the issue of sexuality. I suspect she’s a closet lesbian who live her sex life vicariously through slutty-dressing women like Madonna. Is it any wonder that Liz and that other quasi-closet case Camille Paglia supported Madonna throughout her career?

    As for Liz saying that a woman over 50 should be entitled to her sexuality, puh-leease, give me a break. Madonna isn’t about sexuality, she’s about making money from the concept of sexuality. Big difference. Whenever Madonna played up her sexual side – fake or otherwise – it was always with big dollar signs in her eyes. Think “whore” and you come close to what Madonna is about.

    I hate it when women hold up Madonna as some paragon of sexual empowerment. Madonna was nothing more than an enabler of the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Her act was tailor-made to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Madonna is basically a Playboy Bunny with a few arty farty notions thrown in, not to mention AutoTune.

  • Kevin

    You gays are ridiculous! These two bitches don’t pay your bills, they aren’t your family members. Get your head out of both these bitches asses.

  • Sam

    I’ve never head straight men express any interest in Madonna, no matter how little clothing. They generally like something more bimbo.

  • jason


    Madonna’s image was tailor-made to please sleazy straight guys. Straight guys might not have liked her music but they liked the fact that she was playing into their hands.

  • Freddie

    Betch, you gonna eat yer words when the cassette drop in February.

  • Freddie

    Betch, you gonna eat yer words when the cassette drops in February.

  • Sam

    been reading about Madonnas upcoming demise since the 80’s :)

  • Freddie

    Ooopsie, I double clicked. LOL


  • John

    Madonna’s demise has been greatly exaggerated since the day she arrived on the scene almost 30 years ago. Your article is truly stomach turning and ageist. The fact that Madonna is 53 doesn’t mean she can’t still have fun! The fact that she’s NOT putting herself out to pasture and get all serious on us is why she’s awesome! Think about it: if she was doing work along the lines of a Bedtime Stories or Ray of Light, we would be YEARNING for this Madonna. We would be begging for the fun, upbeat Madonna of the past. I say let her do her thing. She just directed ‘W.E..’ which is you’re bellyaching for a more ‘serious Madonna,’ then you’re bound to get it. Madonna has the RANGE to be serious or fun, so back the f%ck up.

  • ewe

    Madonna has always wanted to be an image the likes of Coca Cola or the Nike Swoosh and to that end Madonna is very successful. She is the type of person one can imagine seeing dancing in front of her mirror to the POP music she creates. Hey anyone who puts Madonna down has no idea what success is. She is still a phenomenal icon and has been for decades even to people who don’t like her music.


    I cannot begin to explain how annoying it is to read about Lady GaGa being better than Madonna. Lady Gaga was exciting when she appeared on the scene because she was different, had very catchy songs and had some sort of outrageous look for the time. What I mean by this is that we were probably used to a format of female pop singers that were blond, cute, and girlie like Britney, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera -early years of course-, Mandy Moore, and many others who began their careers during the late 90’s and continued throughout the past decade. Other artists were probably MORE visually interesting way before Gaga appeared, but had not managed to make it into mainstream US radio stations because, unlike Gaga, their avant-garde outfits DO match their musical direction, like Roisin Murphy (formerly of MOLOKO), for example.
    I think the problem with Lady Gaga is that her references are way too literal, and are very obvious for those of us who are old enough to trace the origin of them back to not-so-long-ago.
    Whenever Madonna “borrowed” something from a previous artist she managed to make it her own, and THAT is the whole difference, that is what a true artist does: take a concept of the past and transform it into something new. For example, the whole Horst controversy regarding the VOGUE video in 1990. Yes, many scenes were precise reproductions of his photographs from the 1930’s, but WHO has the VISION to bring them to live through movement and blend them with a completely different concept, like “voguing”, something that had been happening in the New York scene at the time, and produce a visual masterpiece that epitomizes the concept of glamour?
    To judge her upcoming album based on ONE DEMO is absolutely unfair. I’m not fascinated by Give Me All Your Love, but I like it a lot, and it’s fun, and to me Madonna is synonymous of that. That’s why I fell in love with her when I heard DRESS YOU UP at age 5, and when I didn’t even speak English (I’m from Peru). And what’s all that talk about her being 53 and expecting her to sound more “serious” or “mature”, I simply don’t get it. Madonna has managed to stay ahead of the pack most of the time and when she’s failed to do so, she’s managed to, at the worst, stay current. How many artists with a career that spans over 30 years can do that? How many artists HAVE a career that spans over three decades and continue to produce music that appeals to SUCH a broad audience? How many artists have influenced or at least made us question our views on sex, sexuality, discrimination and politics?
    Madonna is a POP CULTURE ICON. Not many musical artists manage to reach that status. AND SHE’S THE QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE DAMMIT!

  • Dale Guerrero

    The first time I heard GIVE ME ALL YOUR LOVE, I had the same reaction as this author’s. I don’t like the song and I won’t ever like it. Call it popcorn song, can’t even refer to it as music. Anyway, I let a 13 and 12 year-old kids listen to it and THEY JUST LOVE IT. Perhaps Madonna is tapping their generation instead of ours who may be loathing Justin Bieber’s songs as plain junk.

  • jason


    Oh, please, give me a break. Madonna was and is manufactured. The AutoTuning that went into making her voice sound tuneful was considerable. She is as much a fake as many other female pop singers of today.

  • jason


    Oh, give me a break. Madonna is a copycat from way back. She basically stole Marilyn Monroe’s image for Material Girl. Madonna’s image changes basically entailed visits to different hair salons.

  • Jasun Maark

    I dunno… It sounds like a song you’d sing at the super bowl…

  • tracy

    @Ryan: Madonna wouldn’t actually say “i want your disease” but she did say ” Don’t want your social disease” in “Nobody Knows Me” so yes she would use the word disease but she doesn’t want it… like a normal person would!!! That goes to show Lady Gaga is queen of freaks.

  • tony

    @jason: You would have a valid point if you actually knew as a fact why Madonna used or promoted the sexy image.
    You are forgetting that Madonna included very explicit homosexual pictures between 2 men in her Sex book.
    Has it ever crossed your mind that Madonna did what she did because she simply wanted to??? I think you’re confused with Britney Spears or Mariah Carey or Rihanna or even Lady Gaga and so on .. those are the ones who played up for an audience.
    Madonna suffered a major backlash because of her provocative nature. Never forget that!!! If you were a Catholic raised in a very strict environment you might actually understand her art!! i can and i can tell you Madonna did all that sexy stuff simply because she wanted to or needed to… she wanted to rebel against society.. against her father… against the way she was raised… against the prejudice… when she mixed sex and religion with Like A Prayer that was ground breaking.. do you think she was playing up to an audience as well???
    i hate it when people talk and have opinions but they fail to dig deeper and they just stop at the surface for their own sake!!!

  • Jason from FL

    I was 9 years old when I turned on VH1 and first encountered Madonna. It was her “You’ll See” video (1995) and I just remember thinking to myself, “This is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” It’s a song and video that often gets overlooked when you take into account her entire catalogue, but they both are beautiful. I was disappointed when it was omitted from the double-disc Celebration collection two years ago. I’d love to hear it digitally re-mastered to today’s standards like she’d done to songs recorded from her debut to around the time of her ballads collection Something to Remember, of which “You’ll See” was the lead single. I missed not having included “Bad Girl,” “Deeper and Deeper,” “Jump,” “This Used to Be My Playground,” “Bedtime Story,” “Human Nature,” “Nothing Really Matters,” “Oh Father” and “Angel,“ as well. The truth is that the collection needed to be 3 discs long to accommodate her extensive catalogue. I hope every single will one day be packaged together and released. That will be the ultimate Madonna experience.

    I’m still warming up to the experience that is “Give Me All Your Love.” My suspicion is that the official version will not deviate too dramatically from this demo. As for these rumors that Nicki Minaj may feature on the final cut, let me just say that I am NOT a fan of Nicki Minaj. Plus, Madonna doesn’t need her. My fear is, though, that Madonna might think that she does. Let’s just be real. Madonna’s radio days are probably over, and, you know what, it’s fine. Madonna may be hoping that a track featuring Nicki Minaj will secure her Top 40 radio airplay, but it’s not necessary. Looking back, “Ray of Light,” “Music” and “Hung Up” were massively successful hits for Madonna in their own right but were not embraced by too many Top 40 stations upon their release. “Take a Bow” from 1994 is probably the last official single Madonna released that received heavy radio play, and it remains today a staple on adult-pop contemporary stations. “4 Minutes” in 2008 was semi-successful on the radio, but maybe not to the extent for which Madonna had hoped. She probably thought too at the time that a track featuring Justin Timberlake was certain to be a smash. “4 Minutes” really achieved its potential, in my opinion, in the remixes Peter Rauhofer created for the maxi-single release. But who cares? Hard Candy that year provided plenty touring material for her Sticky & Sweet Tour, which holds the world record for highest-grossing tour by a solo artist. That is a true testament to her staying power and legacy.

    In terms of touring, Madonna isn’t planning to slow down for at least a decade, and her tours are about energy. Any new material she releases must be energetic and danceable. It does make me yearn for a return of ballad Madonna, though. I loved her haunting cover of Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” from Something to Remember. The album on which “Give Me All Your Love” will feature is probably going to be non-stop dance-pop. Think Britney Spears’s Femme Fatale. Sure, “Til The World Ends” and “I Wanna Go” are fun, but, aside from “Criminal,” the rest of Fatale tracks are just throw-away songs.

    In “Give Me All Your Love” I hear Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend,” Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” (Madonna even gives a spelling lesson in the song like Gwen did with “b-a-n-a-n-a-s”) and the dubstep-ishy breakdown in Britney’s “Hold It Against Me.” I was really hoping for something a little bit more fresh, and, yes, mature from Madonna. I will love her always, but how many people can take this song seriously when she’s still calling herself a girl (“I’m not that kind of girl,” she repeats in it). Madonna is a woman with experience. This song is teeny-bopper to the max and a little juvenile for an artist with a message like Madonna. I want to hear an honest song about heartbreak (divorce from Guy Ritchie), about wisdom, about empowerment (a woman in her 50s with drive). And I still want her to take me to the club, so songs about really nothing but fun and partying are just fine, too. But all things in moderation. This upcoming release cannot be 12 songs with just the same subject, which was more or less what Femme Fatale, and, for that matter, Hard Candy ended up being: Time is running out so we might as well live up and dance! Madonna should take inspiration from Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite. A legend in her own right, she managed to successfully churn out a dance-heavy disc in 2010 that was fun, exciting and mature enough to be believable.

  • Avex

    Madonna’s lost her pair of balls after the backlash of American Life, ever since then she seems to be trying desperately for US attention.

    I dont like this demo of GMAYL at all. With comments soaring in about how amazing the songs is, I was expecting a revuloutinary comeback, unfortuanetly this song sounds like everything else out there. In GMAYL she sings “every record sounds the same”, yeah this record does too.

    I hope this is a not an indication of what the rest of the album will sound like.

  • Frank

    It sounds like The Go-Go’s on speed…..maybe she’s getting an overdose of HRT

  • Frank

    @Jasun Maark: LOL…you nailed it

  • batboy

    I LOVE Madonna and always will but I am gonna throw up if one more person says “Can’t she do something fun?”

    Music and Holiday and Into The Groove were all “fun” but they were amazing, classic pop songs! Give Me All Your Love is just awful. Embarrassing! All you people are saying that Madonna is no longer capable of making a “fun” song that is also a great pop record? I don’t think the author of this article is being agist or Madonna bashing at all. He is simply saying that Madonna is capable of much better. I’m not saying her new music has to be serious but a great song is a great song and this is just NOT a great song!

  • John

    Idiots. How many times can it be emphasized that this is a DEMO. It’s not the finished product and when it’s done, I’m sure it will sound much more…complete. I think the baseline reference for this song is Martin Solveig’s “Hello.” “Hello” had this same kind of feel with more punch bass and a cutesy, playful, Euro bubble gum pop sound, and it’s AWESOME. I have faith that this track will come full circle. If you remember the Revolver demo that leaked, it sounded like this (karoke-esque), but then when the finished Revolver track came out, it had more musical instrumentation in it, better vocals, etc.

  • Alex

    It’s a freaking demo, calm down queens. Haven’t you learned a damn thing in 30 years? Don’t EVER cound Madge out.

  • Franco

    Oy is all I can say to articles like this. I hate it when reporters compare women artists. It’s lazy if you ask me.

  • Bryan

    Hate Madonna, Love Gaga; Love Madonna Hate Gaga or love both, it doesn’t deviate from the fact that the song above is mediocre at best and sounds like someone who should know better trying too hard to pander to the mainstream audience.

    Also, someone mentioned waiting till the music vid comes out. Errrr, will that somehow make the song less mediocre than it is now? It might help it jump on the charts, but the lyrics and averageness will still be there.

  • lyn

    “Born This Way” was the fastest selling song in iTunes history. “Edge of Glory” wasnt even supposed to become a single and became #1 in over 20 countries. After the release of “Born This Way”, she became the most searched for artist in Google history. In 2011 she passed Oprah on the Forbes list of influential women. Also in 2011, “Bad Romance” received 4,000,000 view on youtube. She became the most followed artist on Twitter. In 2008 people said she’d fade away, they said the same thing in 2009, and again in 2010 and their still saying it in 2011. She’s going to be here for a while, get over it.

  • lemon-lime

    Gaga vs. Madonna debate aside, this track is a pile of steaming shit. No amount tweaking or post production is going to make this anything better than a candy covered turd. Anyone over the age of 12 shouldn’t be spelling “love” l-u-v, let alone a 53 year old with the writing and musical talent of Madonna. She’s either gotten lazy or old. Maybe both.


  • hoganbcmj

    Look, the song is cute, harmless fun, but for a 50-something year-old woman to keep calling herself a girl, sing like a cheerleader and use her own name in her songs is childish, desperate posturing. Her fans, who have been with her for over 20 years, are more sophisticated than that. Maybe she wants new fans, I can’t blame her for that, but Madonna can do better (Ray of Light) and still be fun (Confessions).

  • jason


    Madonna might have included male-male sensuality in her Sex book but it was not in terms of male bisexuality. Yet her depictions of female-female sensuality were definitely in terms of female bisexuality, such as that scene where she’s in a threesome with Naomi “Fucked In The Head” Campbell and some black male rapper.

    Face it – Madonna was pitching towards the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action while at the same time attempting to corral gay male approval by throwing in some token male-male shots. It’s a trick that some women use to get us gays on board their bandwagon. Don’t fall for it.

    As far as I’m concerned, Madonna can fuck off. She contributed to the bisexual double standard in the music industry. As such, she is persona non grata.

  • Jeff

    LOL. All you whining queens will be dancing to and buying Give Me All Your Love in a few months time. Just wait and see.

  • nineinchnail

    @ChrisC: Where will Gaga be in 27 yeras? Gaga pales in comparison to what Madonna has achieved.

  • Lefty

    I like it.

  • Lefty

    It’s pure infectious pop music. :)

  • Bryan

    @Jeff: Dancing to? Maybe. Buying? Not as long as it’s my money.

  • Babycakes

    @Bryan: How many other songs have you bought that you dance d to Bryan?

  • tony

    you obviously haven’t kept in mind the first pages of Sex when she was messing around with 2 butch skin-head lesbians. She dressed like a man plenty of times so i don’t see how that can appeal to straight men!!
    What’s you problem anyways?? you don’t like Madonna. we get it but your comment lacks of one thing: information. Basically, you only see what your eyes want to see!! (ooops, that’s Frozen lol)

  • frank

    if anyone was going to age with grace i thought it would be this biotch, but apparently i was wrong. she is trying to sound like a 21 yo girl and sing riffs like katey perry which for a 50-something year old women just isnt working for me. i’d appreciate her more if she kept it real. i don’t need her to sing about all the injustice in the world, but dang at least put out a decent age appropriate pop song; you’ve got the money honey.

  • Zach

    What Madonna needs, really, is another great, forward-thinking album, and so far it doesn’t sound like this will be it just yet. She certainly doesn’t need the money at this stage of her career — so what’s the point of recording an album at all if she’s only striving to sound exactly like the same tired old pre-teen dreck that’s all over the radio these days?

    Having been a Madonna fan since the early days, I had such high hopes for this album especially after hearing which producers were involved. But this song is boring, derivative and completely lackluster. Several years of Lady Gaga cramping her style — and this is really the best she can do? I can’t see this being drastically overhauled in time for its release.

    It’s hard for me to believe that the same woman behind such timeless pop gems like “Like a Prayer,” “Live to Tell,” “Ray of Light” and “Vogue” was also behind this piece of throwaway, filler-sounding, nonsensical garbage. And I’m not saying every song needs to be thought-provoking composition — but how is it her “Ray of Light” era material was fun, danceable yet also innovative??? How was it albums she recorded in 1992 (“Erotica”) and 1998 (“Ray of Light”) sound more mature than one released now?

    I don’t think the Justin Timberlake and Britney duets did much in terms of winning over more listeners; Madonna’s fan base is pretty well-established at this point so she’d be better off striving for a sound that would directly appeal to her core audience — the youngest of which, I’d estimate, are in their 30s and late 20s…not teenyboppers, at this stage.

  • Mark in Indiana

    Love Madonna, love Lady Gaga, left high school 33 years ago, no need for a cafeteria bitch fight now.

  • savannahbiscuit


  • Ben

    @savannahbiscuit: Your comments are baseless. If you think Madonna is irrelevant, then why did her most recent Sticky & Sweet Tour make $408 million dollars and become the highest grossing tour of all time by a solo artist? Oh, what is that – speechless? Exactly. Shut your mouth and take a seat. The Queen is on her way. Long live MADONNA.

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