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Is Glee‘s New Footballer Going to Tease Kurt All Season?

Those rumors about Chris Colfer’s Kurt scoring a jock boyfriend this fall might’ve prematurely ejaculated: “Actually, I’ve heard that they might be leaning towards another storyline more which would delay” Kurt getting a man,” he says. This alternate plot will be “provocative,” he says. Oh jesus, just make out with Finn already, kid.

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  • Dawson

    Provocative, as in it will provoke the gay community to be pissed there is yet another “gay” on the air that never gets as much as a kiss in the entirety of the show.

  • michael

    He’s in high school for crying out loud! How many gay high schoolers are getting kissed?! Very few schools have out teens and the ones that do don’t generally have more than 1 and if there are say, even 3 out gay teens, should they hook up just because they’re gay? Preposterous!


    I didn’t leave HS that very long ago and it was as you describe but thinkin things are changin’ My cousin is out and proud *yay Jeremy* currently a junior in HS. He said there are lots of out Gays both guys and girls now and it really ain’t that big of a deal………there is hope…….

  • Toby


    Umm, ever since the internet entered the young gay boy’s life…they been kissing other young gay boys A LOT.

    Well, a hell of a lot more than me at that time.

    For the love of god Glee, at least give Kurt a Skype boyfriend in Australia!!!!!

  • Cam

    Oh Crap, I hope they don’t turn him into “Stalker” Kurt again. That storyline was kind of creepy and irritating.


    @Cam: 100% Co-Sign. That epsiode was wack. Am guessing we were supposed to all gets the warm and fuzzies when Kurt’s Dad got all ova Finn’s shit because he got all in Kurt’s face……..Problem was Kurt deserved it!

  • Samwise

    @michael: Preposterous? “Glee” is preposterous. Kurt getting a boyfriend would be one of the least preposterous things on the entire show.

  • Blake J

    I guess Fox won’t let us see gay characters get affectionate / intimate on a show they are producing, big shock!

    So why provide Kurt with a boyfriend, if it is going to go no where!

    At least they are not preventing the show runners from casting out and proud actors (actresses).

    Chris Colfer, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Cheyenne Jackson.

  • PopSnap


    Uhmmm I live in Ohio, graduated just this year and know about 50 out teens within a 100-mile radius of myself. In fact, it’s almost a joke that we all have the same ex’s (ie, “Sam’s dating John, who dated Cliff and Mark, but Sam dated Cliff too. Let’s mutually bitch about how shitty of a boyfriend he was!”).

    Maybe this is why the HIV-rate isn’t going down for gay youth. So much attention is given to convincing teens to accept that they are gay and not enough deals with what happens when we HAVE accepted that we’re gay. It’s just not a big deal for kids anymore. Go ahead, cite me news stories about gay teens committing suicide like I know people will do but trust me as an 18 year old: Being gay just isn’t a big deal anymore unless you live in a VERY conservative area such as Alabama or Mississippi.

    That being said, Ryan Murphy has stated SEVERAL TIMES that he is 100% committed to a boyfriend storyline. Not only that, but he’s made it clear that the boyfriend thing may be the number 1 thing of Season 2 he is looking forward to, being gay himself- at the GLAAD awards he stated that “no gay teen will ever come in last place on my show. Kurt and his boyfriend will be prom kings”.

    I guess this is just like how Idinia Menzel wasn’t Rachel’s mom. Or, at least, that’s what the cast tried to say- in reality, she was.

  • Jeffree

    I grew up in a semi-rural area & we had about 15 students in my graduating class of about 350 who were out as LGBQ. It wasn’t all peaches & cream for us, but it was pretty much a “whatever” environment. Names got called, but because it was a place without a lot of fundies, we all made it work for the most part. People hooked.up — whether it was from the or 15 miles away.

    There’s no reason that the Glee character (sp?) shouldn’t be “gettin’ sum lovin” on the show. Or at least trying !

  • aalan brickman

    Kurt is creepy…and his dad had no right sayin Finn the bad one…stalker gays are sad….

  • sebastian

    Glee isn’t truly gay-friendly in my opinion. They’re trading on a camp male character to give us the impression that they’re gay-friendly. GLAAD’s clueless crew will probably award it regardless.

  • James T.

    @michael: What are you, in your 80s? WTF? From someone who wasn’t around when Roosevelt was in office and has sisters and brothers who recently graduated high schools, there are so many out gay teens in high schools across the country that they don’t even find the need TO come out, they just are and most accept them for it. Not to mention, the big craze with the hot popular girls is to have a good gay best friend, and where there’s a hot popular girl there’s a hot straight jock who is more prone to accept her gay friend. There’s literally thousands of Gay/Straight alliances in the country. You sound like an old fart or a bigot trolling our site, either way, get a clue before mouthing off like a know it all!

  • IAmAGeniusYoureAllMorons

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Gleek bitches, but in real life, NO jock would go for the queeny kid who sings. Sorry, life ain’t like that. Producer Ryan Murphy Bed should get a grip on life.

  • PopSnap

    IAmACynic has obviously never heard of fiction.

  • Clay

    @14 – Totally agree. Hate his character; stereotypes like that set us back 20 years. But after all, that character is Ryan Murphy during his high school years, just nicer. I fear glee is headed quickly to the preachy route which will kill it.

  • Hilarious

    Since the show is far more popular than expected FOX with it’s legacy of canceled shows is stepping in with their wealth of experience to run the show from here on out.

    Expect the cancellation of Glee very soon if they don’t butt out and stop pretending they have a clue.

    Kurt’s boyfriend was very much the plan and spoiled last year so this has to be FOX’s doing since they’ve already been meddling and filling the show with idiotic guest appearances and overdoing the advertising.

    Glee should’ve been on FX which ironically has way more freedom though it’s really the same damned network. They also actually have successful shows…something FOX has yet to learn to accomplish.

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