Is Glenn Beck’s Reign Of Incomprehensible Weeping About To End At Fox News?

Maybe! But keep in mind that when it comes to media reporters discussing contract issues between talent and networks, the articles themselves are a negotiating tactic. Glenn threatens to leave unless you pay him more! Fox News threatens to let him go if he doesn’t accept more reasonable terms! But even if FNC parts with Beck when his contract expires in December, nothing is going to keep the same-sex marriage supporter (yes, really) from reaching you: he’s still got his radio show and gay parenting books.

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  • Chris

    No, not really. His favorite argument is the “What is to stop one man and two women?” argument, which he has made on his show many times.

    He also has had many totally-not-homophobic statements to say about Barnie Frank while really-not-lisping.

    The linked clip was him trying to stand out from his peers by saying that they shouldn’t focus on it so much.

  • Oprah

    You know, Beck was diagnosed with Cancer once, i think he got cured? Can the Cancer return and finish its job? LOL

  • Jeff K.

    @Oprah: I should hope so.

    You know, I also heard that he raped and murdered a little girl back in the 90’s.

  • ewe

    The best revenge is to not watch or listen to Glenn Beck. He is gross.

  • ryan

    No, Beck does not support gay marriage. Jesus, Queerty, read your own link.

  • DCnative

    Wow, all this compassion from the gay community makes me all warm and fuzzy inside . . . and you wonder why mainstream society doesn’t invite us to the table more often. Perhaps it’s because of childish comments like “he raped and murdered a little girl” and “can the cancer return and finish its job?” Think about it: If someone had said the same about Ellen Degeneres, you’d be screaming for blood.

  • HumpDay

    @DCnative: Right on, DC guy! Whenever one of my straight friends asks the definition of “bitchy queen”, I just refer him to Queerty. Plenty of examples here.

  • justiceontherocks

    @DCnative: Why does this boring media whore need “compassion.”

    We save “compassion” for people with severely retarded thought processes, like yourself.

  • Ryan

    The “raped and murdered” bit is a parody of Glenn Beck’s own style of “reporting” the facts. He doesn’t accuse Obama and liberal of being Nazis, you see, he just “asks questions”. The website about Glenn Beck raping a girl in 1990 doesn’t ever actually say he did it, it just “asks questions” about it, hilariously aping Beck’s on shameless style of cowardly accusations. It’s not a gay website either, so I can only puzzle over why you attribute the comment to gay people. (Just kidding, it’s not really a puzzle for me). As for Humpday’s “bitchy queen” comment, sure there are a lot of let’s say “strident” people on this website. When your straight friends ask you for examples of bitchy straight people, do you send them to Fark or youtube? Weird that you think gay people should be judged by anonymous internet commenters (and denied a place at the table) but straight people shouldn’t be held to the same standard.

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