Is Gov. Mark Sanford Doesn’t Resign Next Month, Andre Bauer Will Run


Disgraced family values South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford can either quit, or face his big gay deputy in November 2010’s election. Oooh, an ultimatum!

No friend to Sanford, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is demanding his boss’ resignation by the end of October — something the state’s own lawmakers have already been demanding. Of course, Sanford says he’s not going anywhere, and the earliest he could face impeachment hearings is in January, when South Carolina’s legislature returns.

A resignation from Sanford would make things easier for Bauer to take the top job, but it could also instigate other challengers to join the gubernatorial race. If Sanford resigns, of course, Bauer becomes governor and will fulfill Sanford’s term through December 2010. And he just might make history as the state’s first gay chief executive.

We’re just happy someone is moving along the Sanford-Bauer storyline. It was no fun when it stalled at Bauer’s camp claiming Sanford was behind his outing smear.