Is Gregg Kravitz Hiding His Heterosexuality to Win a Pennsylvania House Seat?

In Texas’ State Assembly race, Rep. Norma Chávez just got done apologizing for calling opponent Naomi Gonzalez a lesbian. Critics argued Chávez was trying to smear her challenger with her sexuality. But in Pennsylvania’s House race, Philadelphia’s Democratic incumbent Rep. Babette Josephs is claiming her opponent is, in fact, a heterosexual. And is lying about being bi.

On the campaign trail, Josephs’ challenger Gregg Kravitz, 29, is a proud bisexual man. But Josephs, 70, says that’s just a ploy to attract LGBT voters. And by anyone’s recollection, this might be the first time any major political race has included charges of faking it as queer.

Kravitz says he’s attracted to both men and women, but at a fundraiser at a local pub, Josephs, in addition to calling Kravitz a “trust fund baby,” proudly announced, “I outed him as a straight person … and now he goes around telling people, quote, ‘I swing both ways.’ That’s quite a respectful way to talk about sexuality. This guy’s a gem.”

For his part, Kravitz insists, “My sexuality is not a qualification for office. I bring it up only in the context that it’s important for the LGBT community to have a seat at the legislative table.”

It would be most interesting if Kravitz were actually straight, and using a bi identity to pull in votes. But what a statement about acceptance of LGBTs that, by itself, would be making.