Maybe Herman Cain Is Hiding His Gay Ex-Treasurer Because He Was Horrible With Money

Today various LGBT blogs have made a hash over allegations that lower tier GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain tried to “cover up” his ex-treasurer and senior political adviser Scott Toomey because Toomey is gay.

You see, on June 6th Cain said that he would “have no problem appointing gay staff members to work in the White House as long as they were qualified.” Soon after, conservative bloggers pointed out Toomey’s homosexuality and his role with the campaign. Then, starting June 9th Cain allegedly told his other staffers to make Toomey’s exit from the campaign public knowledge. But according to a former staffer, Toomey was still closely advising Cain’s campaign for weeks after his supposed exit.

Cain has called homosexuality a sin and a choice, so having a homo heading his Political Action Committee could prove very embarrassing and hypocritical.

But right now we only have the words of a potentially disgruntled former staffer to go on. And most of these bloggers going along with the conspiracy have overlooked one very important fact—Toomey might have just been a horrible treasurer.

From the Associated Press:

allegations of [Toomey’s] misconduct in his role as treasurer of the Madison Pride Board, which hosted an annual parade in Wisconsin’s capital, “had become an issue” for several Cain supporters.

Madison Pride said in 2008 that its board removed Toomey as treasurer after learning bills related to its 2007 event had not been paid and discovering other “financial discrepancies” that it said Toomey had failed to report. The group apologized to its supporters, was forced to scale back its 2008 event and eventually folded.

“It was in the paper that he was the person responsible for that financial mess,” recalled Steve Starkey, a Madison gay rights activist who knew Toomey.
Starkey said Toomey moved to Florida and “went underground” after the scandal. He said his research later found that Toomey’s promotional company also had been accused in court of not paying vendors. Toomey filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and reported more than $20,000 in pending legal judgments against him from companies and a credit union, court records show.

Toomey declined comment Tuesday by e-mail.

No word on whether Toomey is actually still advising Cain’s campaign, but it would make sense for Cain to want to disavow any further involvement with this allegedly disreputable character, ex-treasurer or no.