Is He’s Just Not That Into You Marketing Pure Homophobia to Attract a Straight Guy Audience?


Yesterday’s feature about He’s Just Not That Into You — and whether the three gay characters perpetuate gay stereotypes — generated a lively discussion here on Queerty. On the one hand, we had three gay characters representin’! On the other hand, they were the typical a-sexual “gay confidants” to a leading character. But the debate over the movie’s homophobia isn’t over — not when producers had the film’s three stars (Kevin Connolly, Justin Long, and Bradley Cooper) put together this web video aimed at straight guys who think they’re being dragged to just another chick flick. The clip presents “10 Ways He’s Just Not That Into You Is NOT a Chick Flick” and has the stars acting out those oh-so-typical lady movie cliches (i.e. makeover montages, singing into kitchen utensils) you won’t find in the film. And in the nearly 7-minute video countdown of those 10 reasons, we identified at least six where Kevin, Justin, and Bradley engage in obvious homo behavior. But is it all in good fun? Are these guys in on the joke? Or is their pitch to get straight guys to go see the movie really about saying, “There’s not gonna be any of that gay shit in here”?

Gay parts in bold.

10) No makeover montages.
9) No singing into random objects.
8) No quarky best friend. Or sardonic best friend. Or sassy best friend.
7) No scene where someone has a one-night stand and then show’s up to work the next day to find out they slept with their new boss.
6) No one in this movie slides down a wall while crying.
6a) No one is ever laughing and crying at the same time.
5) No elderly folks who say anything inappropriate.
4) Nobody chases anybody down to stop them from going somewhere or to stop them from doing something.
3) No shot where heads fall into frame and land on pillows.
2) No speech where, in order to win her over, a guy tells a girl all the little details he likes about her. (Bonus homoeroticism: “I love everything that comes out of you.”)
1) No falling in love montage.