Is HRC Bailing on Gay Veterans to Host a Fancy Board Member Reception?

The often irascible relationship between Servicemembers United (Alexander Nicholson’s anti-DADT group) and the Human Rights Campaign (which underwrites some of SU’s projects, particularly when the gay blogs start complaining about HRC’s ineffectiveness) just grew larger: HRC has reportedly walked out on its agreement to pay for a chartered bus that would bring some 50 gay veterans to D.C. as part of Veterans Lobby Day, where dozens of these folks will take part in meetings with the White House and Pentagon. Instead, the funds will be used for “a previously unscheduled reception for its board and steering committee members.” We’d bother writing more copy after this, but the lack of surprise doesn’t deserve it. What is surprising, however, is the leak out of Servicemembers United to Americablog, given so much of SU’s budget is at the mercy of HRC.

Update: Responds HRC’s Michael Cole via email: “HRC is proud to have contributed significant resources to Veterans Lobby Day including direct costs and significant staff time. Last night the question of paying for a bus came up but contrary to reports, the matter wasn’t resolved at that time. We will be paying for bus transportation as we have paid for nearly the entire cost of the event. Never was there a question of prioritizing a reception over transportation.”