Is “I Am Visible” Just The Bisexual Version Of “It Gets Better”?

On November 1st, the Bi Social Network wants all you bisexuals out there (we know you exist) to make an “I Am Visible” video to help raise awareness of bi-phobia and bi-erasure in the LGBT, media, and entertainment communities. So, is this basically “It Gets Better” for bis? Not exactly.

As we’ve said in the past, most Americans aren’t sure how to “code” bisexuality. That is, bisexuality lacks the same, easy-to-read stereotypes like gay lisping or butch motorcycling. So for bisexuals who want to be out and proud—but aren’t sure how—or folks who want to learn more about the bisexual experience, the campaign seeks to educate, not just to reassure them.

Plus, the campaign so far features handicapped folks like a deaf woman communicating via sign language and the wheelchair woman in the video above. Since the gay and lesbian community tends to overlook our handicapped brothers and sisters, we welcome any campaign that brings them to the forefront as long overdue.

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