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Is Incoming Gov. Christie Giving New Jersey Lawmakers a Reason to Back Off On Marriage?


After stalling on a vote in the New Jersey Senate that was supposed to go down this week, supporters of gay marriage reportedly wanted the State Assembly to first give the bill the go-ahead. Too bad; just like last week and the week before, there’s no date set for the Assembly to make a move. That shouldn’t be terribly surprising, given the Assembly’s lawmakers haven’t shown much interest in passing gay marriage thus far. But as we see continued hedging from Democrats, it begs the question: Why so coy? Are these folks afraid of their re-election campaigns with a “yes on gay marriage” vote on their record? Or are they so fearful of incoming Gov. Chris Christie, who’s vehemently opposed to gay marriage, that they don’t want to risk upsetting their new veto man? Or, is Christie making veiled threats to pro-gay marriage legislators? Because that’s how this game is played.