Is Iowa The New Enclave for Liberal Elites?

With the stroke of a State Supreme Court pen, Iowa became the first Midwest state to legalize gay marriage. This, in a country where we have two states that practically bleed blue — California and New York — falling behind the civil rights race. So is Iowa going to become the new home to progressives elites? Probably not anytime soon, but Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick, who married Erik Hyman in just before Prop 8 took away gay marriage in California, muses: “Will we see David Geffen rollerblading in the Des Moines skywalk? Will paparazzi chase after farmers looking for candid shots? Will Ashton and Demi be BlackBerrying friends from their corner table at Applebee’s? Will there be a new line of Kiehl’s products for goats?”